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Nancy's First Posting

September 7, 2007


Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Nancy Hartness and I work in our wholesale division.   My customers include the interior design community and many different types of  "cottage" manufacturers.  I am constantly inspired by their terrific ideas and their wonderful creations. Working for has been a fabulous experience for me.  You see my previous work experience was selling fabric and wallcoverings to the commercial interior design industry and after 15 years I was ready to move on. I am lucky to be a long time personal friend of Stephen and I began working here on a contract basis while I was caring for my aging mother.  I now have the pleasure of being here full time every day!

IMG_0501 copy1.jpg
Two things about me.  I love to travel and I love home d├ęcor projects! I am influenced by many of the places that I have visited and the evidence is all over my home. When it comes to my design philosophy I believe your surroundings should make YOU feel comfortable and that fabric quickly changes the ambiance of any room.  Mixing and matching lots of different styles, textures and trends is what makes me tick. For example, I think our dupioni silk can be casual or it can be formal. Its all in the application! Don't be afraid to pair a trendy print with an heirloom or a traditional print with a sleek modern piece.  It's a quick and easy way to "freshen" any room's look.  My friend and fellow blogger Vickie (who you will meet in the near future) claims that my home is European eclectic. I just call it home.

IMG_14061.JPGMy specialty is quick and easy .  Sometimes this is good and sometimes it is just down right funny (show you in the future).  Because I am a huge fan of clip-on drapery rings and surrounded by's beautiful fabric, it is safe to say that I have more than one set of drapery panels for my favorite rooms. I am also a fan of  Fabric-Tac glue...I have never sewn a stitch of trim.   I appreciate all types of fabric design and, yes, my sewing room is piled high with fabric just waiting to be turned into something fabulous!    

In the attached photos you will see what adorns my family room right now. Next to that is my dining room...Trim on the slipcovers not quite done yet (will be glued on of course) but maybe by next posting. I am thinking bullion fringe...

Ciao for now!



P.S. That's Dupioni Silk in the Dining Room and Dupioni Silk Check in the Dining Room.  


My name is Kristl....

August 27, 2007

This is going to be a little personal. You see, I have a problem. It's not an unusual situation, and I think most of you can sympathize. My name is Kristl, and I'm a fabri-holic. I'm not sure I'm working in the right environment to change my ways, either. I am better than I was. Just imagine landing a job here at as a fabri-holic, and getting a great discount. Not only that, I got to help pick out what we sell on the website. After six years, you can imagine my stash.

My passions are natural fibers - silks, woolens, linen especially. I think living in the Beautiful South give me an affinity for linen. And, we can wear it eight months a year if you get the colors right. If you've been with us long enough, you know how many thousands of yards of dupioni silk have run through our warehouse. I think I have some of every exotic color that ever came through. I love the lustrous colors so much. I have a few skirts and the rest is waiting for ideas. My favorite skirt is made of washed dupioni, but that's a story for another time.

So, tell me, what's your fabric passion? What makes you stop in your tracks and buy it - whether it's on sale or not? I have a new topic on the discussion board on that very subject today. Here's a link:


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