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September 25, 2007

Khaki & Robins Egg.jpg

One of my many joys (or chores depending on the day) is to create custom design coordinate groups for our customers to use as a guide, inspiration or template for their homes. Since you know your schedule and your family's needs, how you use these groups is entirely up to you. But isn't it great to have some of the work done for you! I research market trends and color combinations and hunt through our warehouse to bring you fabric combinations that include color, pattern and texture that will work perfectly together so all you need to know is which colors work for you and your rooms and your yardage needs. I hope these postings will be the next best thing to hiring an interior decorator. About once a month I will feature a new design inspiration, whether it be your dream bathroom or that family dining room you have always dreamed of. First, let's focus on the center of the home, that family room or great room. Since this room will probably be the most popular and most used, it needs to feel calm, crisp and clean (even if it isn't). 

  couch2.jpg Let's use our Khaki and Robins Egge Blue Collection. It has just the right amout of color without being overwhelming and the blue with khaki is very refreshing without being washed out. The sofa would look great with P. Kaufmann Sarita Cocoa. This pattern should hide dirt and light stains that little hands tend to share but with still look great when friends drop by.

jaquard pillow.jpg UC-476 pillow.jpg


  Don't forget the pillows for extra Pop and comfort on movie night. Try 2 in P. Kaufmann Jacquard Picnic Check Azure and 2 in P. Kaufmann Vassar Paisley Horizon. Both prints with compliment the sofa beautifully.
    club chair.jpg DPSR-004.jpg Next we will need some extra seating. Try pairing to comfy but stylish club chairs with our new Matleesse in Ivory. This will add duribility and texture to really make your room come to together. On the windows, I love the idea of roll up shades with Dupioni Silk Bisque on the underside (to show just a hint when you let the light in) and P. Kaufmann Yazman Cocoa on top as the dominate.UC-492.jpg Finish off your room with accents of Chocolate Brown, Ivory and Blue to really bring in that clean, airy feeling. It will look like you paid high dollar and spent hours pouring over design books, when all you really did was jump online amd visit my hand picked collections! Be sure to post pictures of you finished rooms or design inspirations in our Sew & Tell Gallery. And don't forget, I am here if you have any questions and would love to hear what rooms you are looking for advice or just a few tips.

Enjoy your home,



Lauren - Merchandiser & Interior Design

September 4, 2007

"Design Inspirations" is what I would like to call  "my little corner" of the blog!  Years ago (that makes me sound very old) in college, my design instructor would say "what excites you, what gives you inspiration?"  It may be an object such as a lamp, a pillow or favorite photograph that has inspired you, therefore introducing the design for an entire room.

Color is truly my inspiration, my passion and my tranquility.  My strengths in merchandising and design have allowed me to have my own business out of my home at first and in 1984 opening a shop in Northern Illinois.  My wonderful husband and I have four amazing children, a son and three daughters.  We are also very blessed with seven grand children, who I miss desperately as I am here in Atlanta and they are in Illinois.  You ask why am I not with them?  For now I will tell you although it is very difficult, I have the most wonderful job working at!  This allows me the luxury of  working with extremely talented people, not to mention the fabrics, the creativity and yes,  COLOR!   I, like Tara, do the imaging and merchandise the fabric collections in the "store".  One of my favorite fabrics to image is the dupioni silk, the colors are gorgeous and I even get to name them!  So if you see some "far out" names that would be Lauren at work!

In later posts I would love to share with you new fabrics, colors, decorations for the holidays and much much more, including our Home Decor Coordinates category.  This category is where I gather fabrics in different designs and textures, lay them all out, personally coordinate them and present them in collections. This will enable you to feel confident that what you see in the coordinate collections has been personally selected to represent beautiful ensembles. I look forward to any questions or comments you might have or any inspirations you would like to share. Until next time I leave you with this picture of "Sir Jaxon Jacob", Jax for short!  Not only is he hilarious, he is great comfort!  Maybe you can guess one of my favorite colors.......
Jaxon Jacob.jpg

Lauren Neuffer

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