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Fall is coming

October 12, 2007

Bon Appetite.jpg

Fall is my favorite time of the year, cool weather, and the wind blowing the leaves, football on television. Well, that's what fall is supposed to be like. Here in the south we are in a drought and the temperature is still in the high eighties. I am sitting here looking out the windows of my office (Yes, ladies. I have not just one window but four! Lucky me) wondering if there will be any change of seasons this year. Halloween being only 3 weeks away makes me long for the smells and colors that I associate with fall. As a merchandising assistant here at I help with picking out the projects that we place on the website for sale. This is the best part of the job as I get to see all the newest collections and the projects that are offered for our customers. What was delivered to the warehouse this past week is just what I needed. "Bon Appetit" by South Sea's Imports, includes the colors and prints of late summer, tuscan vistas.jpgsunflowers and apples, golds, browns and oranges. The quilting project is a table runner 63 inches long. This will grace any tabletop or counter top for the fall. I can close my eyes and see Gramma Long placing homemade pumpkin and apple pies on these rich vibrant colors. Another project that would gracefully decorate any room for the fall is Tuscan Vistas. This is a wall hanging with colors to remind you a Tuscan valley, you can see grape vines heavy with fruit waiting for the picking. Both of these projects can be finished in a weekend and look great on your wall or table or that if a family member or friend. Happy Quilting

Note: We, at, know how excited you are to start this projects. They are not yet in our store but we will be sure to let you know as soon as they are. We will update this blog post with all the neccesary links. be sure to check back or watch you feeders. Meanwhile be sure to check out these projects on their manufacturers pages: Bon Appetit and Tuscan Vista (pdf file)


Quilting: Picking Out Your Fabrics

September 17, 2007

Batiks.jpg How to pick out your own fabrics? This can be a challenge for most of us as there are so many choices. My favorite fabrics are batiks. Check out our site for a wide variety of Batiks.  

The choices are endless and no two pieces of the same fabric are the exact same. They make wonderful quilts and wall hangings sure to catch anyones eye. Remember this is going to be your quilt, and the choices are wholly up to you and it needs to be pleasing to you not necessarily to anyone else. Decide if you want the quilt or wall hanging to blend with a room's d├ęcor or do you want it to stand out and be seen.

For most of us the hardest part of beginning a project is picking out the fabrics to achieve you vision. Never be afraid to ask the help or opinion of the staff that work in the shops or to call customer service, as they are there to help and assist you. Larger chain stores that have a fabric department are less likely to have knowledgeable people working in that specific department but true quilting shops do have the personnel to assist you and are more than willing to help share their knowledge with you. If you still are having trouble one sure way to find something that works for you is to find a collection that you like. (Check out the Just Arrived section of the web site). With a collection you usually find not only a focus fabric, but also coordinates and blenders that all are in the same color hue so that they look great together. As your skill increases so will you ability to make color choices for your projects.


ASST-red.jpg Side note from Tara: Check out our quilting assortments here and here, put together with Kathy's own hands.

Kathy's First Entry

August 22, 2007

Quilting is my game, and Kathy is my name. I am Merchandising Assistant for Kristl here at We all know that is a fabric warehouse where a quilter of any age or stash size would pay them to work here. In fact, my husband tells everyone that I would have paid Stephen to let me work here. I had been a customer on the website for a number of years and came to their twice yearly warehouse sales when I got the opportunity to work here. I walked around in a daze for days because of the sheer size of the warehouse. Rows and rows of shelves and tubes filled with fabric that I could put my hands on pick up or just run my fingers across. Hal, in Customer Service, laughs and says that I am one of their best customer as I average bringing home one order a week since I started working here.

What have I been doing with all that fabric you ask? Well, I've been taking classes at a local quilt shop. I am a firm believer that no matter your skill level you should take the time to go to a class or two when they are available to you. Classes educate us in the techniques necessary to create our quilts. We learn new techniques; or refine a technique that has been a difficult to flesh out on your own. Always remember you are never to old to learn something new and classes are a great resource for us all.

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