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T-Shirt Comfort Made a Little More Luxe

February 16, 2014


I'll say it loud and proud: I loooooove stretch velvet. I have since I was a kid. Back then, it seemed like such a fancy and grown-up fabric. And while my tastes have matured and I recognize that stretch velvet is not exactly the most haute couture of textiles, I am still terribly fond of it.

But finding ways to add this fabric into your wardrobe can be tricky. It can look costumey. (In the interest of full disclosure, I'll admit that I actually really like costumey street clothes, but I recognize that I'm in the minority on that one; I've watched enough "Project Runway" to learn that.) So I decided to make a couple of shirts that are cut sort of like fancy T-shirts.

I used McCall's 6754 for my first shirt, which I cut out of pink stretch velvet. Because of the way the pattern is laid out and pieces together, you get a little bit of play with the nap of the velvet that creates some pretty contrast that shifts with the light and angle that the garment's viewed from.



I turned to a vintage pattern I've used before for my second shirt. I didn't use the sailor collar; I just cut facings to match the body pieces to finish the neck edge.


The gathering along the sides of this one rally shows off the texture of the royal blue stretch velvet. 


The costume lover in me is plotting to wear this one with a yellow skirt or pants and a red hair accessory so I can be a modern Snow White. 


What I really like about a comfy top out of stretch velvet is the versatility. Throw on a blazer over it, and it's ready for the office. Pair it withe a pretty, flowy skirt and an eye-catching necklace, and it can easily go on a date or for drinks with friends. 

Do you have stretch velvet fever? How do you make it part of your wardrobe?

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