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Expand Your Shoe Wardrobe!

January 16, 2014

I hate to be all predictable when it comes to gender generalizations, but I really can't get enough shoes. And boots ... oh, how I love them. I do run into a little bit of trouble with boots though -- I have thick calves. Sometimes I find wide-width boots that fit and look good, but the delight of being a stitcher is being able to solve problems like this myself. So I decided to make some boot shafts to top off regular shoes.

I started with McCall's 6615. As written, it calls for a two-part lining, one part intended to fold down and show at the top of the boot, and the other part intended as a lighter-weight lining for the lower area of the topper. The pattern instructions have you line the boot, then use elastic to gather both the exterior and the lining in one fell swoop. Instead of doing that, I did the gathering/shaping with elastic on the lining and the exterior fabric separately, and then joined them together. 

As for that wide calf problem, I opted to extend the pattern by about half an inch past its original cut line along the calf, then eased back to the normal cut line as I approached the ankle.


I also opted to use elastic for the under strap instead of the two-part velcro strap called for in the pattern. 

For the photos below, I wore each pair showing both options of the reversible boots so you can compare them. 

This first pair is made with Perfection Fused Leather on one side and Antique Cotton Velvet on the other. 



The second pair features a combination of Deadwood Faux Leather and a stretch velvet. For this pair, I also took out the curvature at the top. So when it's folded down, it's more of a straight line. 



One thing I really love about these reversible faux boots is that they are WARM. If you're hot-natured, though, it could be a bit much, so factor that in when you consider fabrics for a project like this. 

And now I have to build some fun outfits around these ... 

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