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Blog of the Month: Four Generations One Roof

January 15, 2014

We recently moved closer to my parents (umm... right next door) so I have been doing my research on multi-generational living for tips on keeping the peace. Imagine my excitement when I found a blog that covered all my bases: multi-generations and crafting! Four Generations One Roof is a well done blog that is heavy on the DIY with some very classic decorating applications. Jessica, the blog mistress, has a mellow, classic and chic vibe going on but she can throw down some holiday spice. I really appriciate her neutral palattes that she uses in her rooms. It really allows her to change a few little things (pillows, frames, accessories) to change the room for seasons and holidays.

Now, I know all of your reading this know your way around a sewing machine but should you need a quick curtain, a lazy day sans sewing machine or have non-sewing friends be sure and check out Jessica's posts on non-sewing fabric projects. They are great. Most of Jessica's projects are home based but there are plenty of small projects, kid projects and fun crafts to fill an idle day, help inspire you or keep crazy kids entertained.  This blog is also filled with wood projects. Fabric projects are all well and good but custom curtains, pillows and throws can only make an old fireplace, windows or closet look so good. 

Be sure and check out the home tours to get a sneak peek inside the home that houses 4 generations.

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