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Sweater Knit Dress- Mad Men Inspired

December 30, 2013


Last year I purchased a killer sweater knit dress for a wedding. I was newly post partum and depressed to be dress shopping so soon after baby but there I was shopping. I glumly grabbed a dress in a color that I hoped would bring life to my face. As I tried it on though something glorious happened: it fit and it looked good. As I stood transfixed by my image in non-lounge pants listening to angels sing in the background, I did the math. It must be the sweater knit. I mean think about it, the sweater knit had enough texture going on to hide any bits I wanted hidden. The lining kept me all tucked in and it draped instead of clung. It was a dream. When our sweater knits came in I was determined to recreate the dress for the blog so all can create a delicious dress that is sure to make you feel sexy, look sexy and eat too. 


You will need about 2 yds of sweater knit and lining fabric (I used Stetch Jersey ITY for the lining). 

To create your pattern grab a fitted t shirt and a fitted skirt. Lay one over the other lining up the waists and folding in any bits that hang out (my t shirt flared a little at the hem). Trace the outline being careful to mark each neck line. I do this by first tracing the back neckline then I use a pin to poke holes along the outline of the front neck. Once the dress is removed I trace the holes with my pen. Mark the center line of your pattern and mark the center as the fold line. Add your favorite seam allowance (mine is 1/4'' on knits). Trace the sleeve of the t shirt too. Cut one front and one back from both the sweater knits and lining. Cut two sleeves from the sweater knit only. 

Stay stitch the neck lines on the lining. Stitch the shoulders together of the sweater knit and the lining. With right sides facing pin and stitch the neckline of the sweater knit to the lining. Then stitch up the sides of the sweater knit and then stitch up the sides of the lining. Stitch up the side seam on each sleeve. Turn the dress inside out and pin the sleeve in place and stitch it to both the sweater knit and the lining. 

madmen collage.jpg

Hem the bottom of the dress and each sleeve. Turn the dress right side out and enjoy. This quick but great dress is perfect for work with a cardigan or blazer, for a date with strappy shoes and a clutch or with boots and a scarf for a day with friends. Mix and match your sweater knit to your lining for a fun effect or coordinate perfectly for a more classic look. I might even suggest an animal print jersey lining under a sheer sweater knit for fun. 

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