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Stitched Embossed Vinyl

December 4, 2013

Stitched Embossed Vinyl

This tutorial uses my previous post, Man Corner: Recovering vinyl bar stools, as a foundation. I wanted to give my husband something special for Christmas but this method can easily be applied to vinyl tablet cover, a vinyl clutch, footstools, headboards or even vinyl stocking cuffs for an edgy look. As soon as I finished my first bar stool which was to sit behind his counter at his motorcycle shop I thought how great it would be to cover another stool with his logo to sit on the other side of the counter for customers. However, I didn't want to just stitch it and be done; I wanted to stitching to really stand out and have an embossed appearance. To change it up for a more classic look try white vinyl with black stitching, for something more casual try a tone on tone scheme with turquoise vinyl and thicker, heavy weight thread for kitchen stools. I used a dark grey heavy weight thread. I considered black but I wanted the logo to be noticed but white was too high constrast (also it was going to a motorcycle shop which isn't the best place for white).

Stitched Embossed Vinyl Stitched Embossed Vinyl

To achieve this same look you will need the logo, words or letter of your choice printed out on a piece of paper. Trace the top vinyl pattern piece and then using this second pattern piece and trace the logo onto the center of it (see first left picture below). Tape this second pattern piece onto the already cut vinyl piece to secure it in place (top right picture). On the back of the vinyl piece, secure 2 pieces of quilt batting big enough to cover the logo plus 2'' on each side (middle left picture) and one piece of muslin the same size as the batting (middle right picture). Cover the bottom of your foot with a piece of clear tape to reduce friction (bottom left picture). 

embossed collage.JPG

With the right side facing up, careful insert your vinyl sandwich under your sewing foot and carefully stitch the logo. When you are finish, closely trim the top threads and remove your sandwich from your machine. The stitch perforated the top pattern piece with the logo traced on (bottom right picture) so you can just rip it off. Your logo now has an embossed appearance and is is ready for final assembly of your project. (For full stool upholstery instructions see my originial stool posting here). 

This is a great, fun feature that can add a special detail to any vinyl project. Check out all our vinyl projects here for some great gift ideas. 

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