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Nearly Invisible Knit Increases

December 6, 2013

I have been on a sweater knitting rampage lately which is weird because I prefer fast knits. However, I went on a bit of a hiatus after my second baby was born; it's tough to imagine but I just didn't have the time. But I have grown accustomed to two kids and I needed my knitting fix again so I have been burning through sweater patterns. One trend I have noticed that has been giving me a challange is invisible increases that, well, aren't invisible. No increase can truely be invisible because you are adding a stitch-creating something from nothing. But some of these invisble increases are very visible and in a most distrubing way. They all tend to leave holes in my sweater, like a yarn over increase but smaller. I have tried video's, blogs and forums to figure out the way around this and have found nothing. I was left to solve it on my own. The answer came one night while I was night by the fire. Knitting makes me relaxed and sleepy at night so I accidentally increased on the wrong side of my cardigan but didn't notice until the next morning. I was shocked and excited not because I had to frog all the way back to my collar (which I did any way just to fix my holes) but because the increase was less visible when done on the opposite side. 

Here I have picture documentation to shows 2 sets of increases; one done on the purl side (purl front and back) and one done on the knit side (knit front and back). The increases done on the purl side are much less visible on the knit side than the equivilent increase done on the opposite side. Below the purl side increases are circled in yellow and shown on the knit side. You can see they are much less noticeable then the increases above which were done on the knit side. 

Nearly Invisible Knit Increases Nearly Invisible Knit Increases

In the next picture you can see the same increases from the purl side. The increases are circled in pink and the bottom are performed on the purl side and the top are performed on the knit side. You can see the knit side increases are virtually invisible, even more so than the purl side increases. 

Nearly Invisible Knit Increases Nearly Invisible Knit Increases

I am so excited about this discovery and hope you find it as useful as I do. It is a great technique for yoke designs, seamless yoke sweaters and some lace or textureal motifs. 

The yarn used is Berroco Maya Vanilla and it is delicious! It is 85% Pima Cotton and 15% Baby Alpaca. This makes is buttery soft and perfect for accessories or garment that you wear close to your skin. It is also great for baby wear since is it so light, breathable and soft. The chainette blends well and allows for great stich definition since it reduces the fluff of the alpaca but also it really increases the elasticity of the cotton. The chainette of the yarn gives slightly more than yarn and allows for a similar smooth drape that is not really seen in cotton. 

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