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Yummy, Versatile Faux Suede -- With Sparkle

November 17, 2013

LIa-redford-suede.jpgI'm always on the lookout for a good faux suede. Often, faux suedes never quite fulfill my desires. I want super ultra soft, but also easy to stitch. I want it to feel luxurious without breaking the bank. 

The Redford Faux Suede that's now in stock not only meets all those requirements for me, but it ALSO has some shimmer to it. Heaven! The finish on this is so luxe -- it feels amazing to the touch. The drape is fab because the fabric isn't super heavy. It has a great flow to it. 

I decided to make a swingy skirt with this fabric. I opted for the shortest version of Simplicity 1500. Since I'm only 5'3" tall, the shortest version comes to just above the knee on me.


One of the fun things about the finish on this fabric is the visual delight of it. Because it has natural variation, you get a lovely effect. There's also little to no fraying.

But, just like regular leather, it benefits from some special handling. Some may find that it wants to stick to the presser foot or plate while stitching, so you may want to use tissue paper layers to sandwich the fabric and prevent drag. And, if you remove stitches, you can have residual holes showing, as seen below. A little gentle rubbing takes care of most holes, but a little extra care and patience will help prevent ever needing to think about it.


I found I could iron this fabric on a low-medium heat setting, but I don't recommend doing so on the foiled side of the fabric, as it does change the texture a bit. But it irons beautifully, and the result is nice, crisp edges.

I also wanted to give you an idea of what stitching looks like the faux suede finish. The hem of this skirt is just folded up and straight stitched; this is what it looks like on the exterior of the garment:


And here's the finished skirt:

I'm glad I stuck to a pattern with simple lines -- this fabric has so much visual play thanks to the gold finish, it might look really overly-fussy if there were a lot of piecing. This fabric makes for such a statement piece, I will probably stick to a solid black shirt and tights with black boots when wearing this skirt.

My scraps were too pretty to toss, so I thought I'd let our cats in on some stylish fun. I used a buckle set from a worn-out collar to make a new one, and the model seems quite happy with the result.  

5a-redford-suede.jpgMy remaining scraps are absolutely going to get used up! I see many possibilities, so you may see this fabric pop up again in accessory posts. I also feel a strong urge to order another color for a jacket. Maybe red ... 

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