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Quick Gift Pattern Hack: A Handy Roll for Makeup Brushes

November 28, 2013

Quick Gift Pattern Hack: A Handy Roll for Makeup Brushes

It's officially time to churn out some gifts, especially if you like to keep a few around. (I also like to make a few small things for myself while I work on gift projects.) And one of the projects I'm making this year is a simple little travel roll for keeping makeup brushes organized when you're going glam on the road. 

This one makes use of a free pattern download from our friends at Hot Patterns! It uses the outer section piece from the Bijoux Baby Jewelry Roll pattern. For my makeup brush roll, I untaped this piece at the join and retaped it so it's not as long, but if you or the person you're making this project for has a lot of makeup brushes, you might want it wider than mine. 

1-makeup-brush-roll.jpgOnce I had my pattern sized to my liking, I used it to cut out an outer layer, a batting layer, and a lining layer. I used cotton prints for my exterior and lining, but you can really use anything you like. I wanted my roll to be machine washable in case I get makeup all over it. 


To cut the fabrics that make up the interior pocket, I used the exact same pattern piece, but just folded it down a few inches. This time, I just cut a pocket layer and a lining -- no batting. 

3-makeup-brush-roll.jpgI stitched my two pocket layers together along the top edge (the squared off edge created when you folded the pattern piece down), turned them, pressed them, and top stitched 1/4 inche from the seam fold.

4-makeup-brush-roll.jpgWith the batting already layered between the outer fabric and lining, I set my pocket piece on top and machine basted around all edges. So, if you're looking at the stack from the bottom up, it goes outer layer(right side down), batting, lining layer (right side up), pocket piece (right side up).

5-makeup-brush-roll.jpgOn the exterior, I stitched a yard of ribbon, folded roughly in half, to one side of basted piece. The ribbon gets cut down to a more manageable length at the end. 

6-makeup-brush-roll.jpgI cut bias strips from my exterior fabric, and bound all the way around, catching the folded edge of the ribbon inside my binding. Then I stitched verticle lines through all thicknesses to create channels for makeup brushes to slide into. 

7-makeup-brush-roll.jpgHere's the roll all filled up with brushes, ready for any makeup need!

8-makeup-brush-roll.jpgOnce you roll it up and tie it, you can cut the ribbon down to whatever length you like best. And you're all done! 

9-makeup-brush-roll.jpgWhile this gift is designed with my glam friends in mind, it could easily serve as a great way for any of your artistic pals to carry brushes or Copic markers -- just make sure your pocket channels can accomodate their tools of choice. It could also be made up in fun kids' prints to tote markers, pencils, rulers etc. as a twist on the same old, same old pencil case. You could also use a button and elastic loop closure instead of ribbon ties. There are so many possibilites, you can probably cover several people on your list with only minimal tweaks to the basic design. 


Happy gifting!

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