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Prim Fur Collars

November 24, 2013

6-fur-collars.jpgOne of the trends that appeared on runways over and over this year is faux fur, in everything from capes and coats to handbags.

I wanted to get in the trend without going fur crazy. I love faux fur, but my aim was to create a project that I could mix and match with existing wardrobe pieces that would also be functional in terms of warding of the cold. And it had to avoid that problem of bulk -- one of my most problematic issues with dressing to stay warm. So I settled on the idea of simple fur collars.

To make my collars, I first cut a piece of faux fur 18 by 6 inches. I just draw the rectangle on the back with a permanent marker and cut. Remember when cutting fur to cut from the back side, clipping in close to the base of the fabric, to avoid filling your sewing area with a zillion irritating flyaways.

1-fur-collars.jpgI folded the fur rectangle in half lengthwise so it made a long tube, right side in.

These collars tie closed, so I also cut 2 pieces of ribbon, also 18 inches long, and tucked them into the ends of my collars for stitching, being careful not to catch the rest of the tie in my long seam. 


I sewed around all cut edges of the fur tube, leaving an opening for turning. I tapered in on the ends to create a cleaner transition line from the fur to the ribbon ties, but you could skip that step if you like. 


Here's what it looked like before turning:


Once my collar was turned right-side-out, I whip stitched the opening in the seam closed, and that's that!

5-fur-collars.jpgI also tried out making ties using cuts of taffeta instead of ribbon. I cut them the same 18 by 6 size as my faux fur and stitched them closed along the long side and one short side, then turned them right side out and pressed. After that. I instered them exactly the same way I had my ribbon ties. 


You could also close your collar with a cute clasp or a button and loop -- whatever your style dictates! 

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