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One Holiday Dress, Two looks

November 15, 2013


We are busy, all of us. With 2 young girls (the youngest of which thinks sleep is optional and she is opting out) it is hard to fit in sewing time. My sewing list wants and acomplishments rarely match up. I love making holiday dresses for my girls, Thanksgiving and Christmas but fitting in 2 dress per girl just didn't seem like a reality this year. So I decided if I was creative with my fabric choices and outfit pairings then I could stretch one dress to two holidays. It worked smashingly. IMG_5120.JPGIMG_5113.JPG


I started by writing down a list of colors I thought represented each holiday and then found 2-3 colors that appeared in each list. For me, Thanksgiving is all about the jewel tones; garnet, ruby, amber, gold and topaz were on my list. For Christmas I really love red, white and turquoise with a little green and gold thrown in. I found that red and gold were two colors I loved for both holidays so I dug into my fabric stash to find the perfect match up. After choosing a cute Oliver + S dress pattern,  I ended up pairing a red & white small floral pillow case  that I've had for ages and Flea Market Fancy Legacy Bouquet Orange as my gold with some Heather Bailey quilting cotton scraps as flat piping just because it really blended well with my 2 choices. To complete each look I styled the dress with different color leggings (using this tutorial), tops and sweaters to compliment the hoilday. For Thanksgiving my baby will wear brown leggings with a light pink top (actually the same as she wore for her Shrek Halloween Costume), brown and pink polka dot shoes and a light brown cardigan. For Christmas she will wear her dress with turquoise leggings, a red top, black patent shoes and navy blue cardigan. If only hair bows would stay put for more than five minutes... 



If you are having trouble with your fabric choices let me suggest a few selections if you don't find anything you like in our Holiday section. Try picking just one color and then allow the accessories (sweaters, legging, shoes) do all the work. Try a white dress but use a brown, orange or yellow sweater and leggings with brown shoes for Thanksgiving and all red for Christmas or all blue for Chanukah. Or go bold with a bright pink dress and all brown for Thanksgiving and turquoise and white for Christmas. Or choose a gold dress with red accents but pair it with burnt orange for Thanksgiving and green for Christmas and silver for Chanukah. holiday dress collage b.jpg

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