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Knitting Techniques: M1R & M1L

November 1, 2013

M1R 101.jpg

There are many different ways to increase in knitting; some are neutral and some slant. In order to achieve the correct look it is neccessary to use the right increase for your design. Neutral increases do not slant either way but slanting increases can go either right or left. Slanting increases are perfect for raglan shoulder seams, triangle lace shawls or to shape a design to a hat or to blend in with an overall scheme. Make 1 is a simple, easy slanting increase that makes a subtle increase that can blend easily into a design. It is created by picking up the bar between stitches and either knitting into the front or back. Make 1 can slant either Right or Left  depending on how you pick it up. Besure to knit into it so it twists or else you will be left with a unattractive hole. Below I will talk you through Make 1 Right and Make 1 Left. 

M1R Collage.jpg

Make 1 Right slants to the right and is created by picking up the bar between stitches (seen in top photo above) from back to front. This means you come into the bar from behind and pick it up with your left needle. Then knit into the front of the stitch, just like regular knitting. 

M1L collage.jpgMake 1 Left slants to the left. It is created by picking up the bar between stitches (as shown in top photo above) with the right needle from front to back. Then slip the newly formed loop onto your left needle and knit into the back loop (shown in 4th photo above). 

This versitile slanting increase creates a small twisted stitch that blends well and is less noticeable to other slanted increases like Knit Front & Back. It is perfect for lace work. 

Project shown: Bloomsbury Kids Sweater in size 6 yrs in Lion Brand Wool Ease in Sea Spray. Follow my progress on instagram by following TaraDangerMiller and Fabricdotcom

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