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Product of the Month: Elastic

October 16, 2013

There are very few projects to be sewn that don't involve elastic: Pants, costumes, dresses, shirts, accessories, even purse pockets. We just recieved a fresh new crop of elastic in our notions section and it is glorious. Virtually any size, type and color you may need for an upcoming project can be had. 

You can find all the standards like non-roll, fold-over and braided but also sports, extra wide 3'', draw cord and button hole elastic. Sports elastic is more heavy duty than standard so it will really hold up to all the extra movement and strain of an athletic body. Extra wide 3" is perfect for cute waist-cinching belts and button hole elastic is the same that you find in all those great asdjustable waistbands in kids clothes. 

Here are some of my favorite elastic-based tutorials from our blog and the web:

Allison Dress modification: I inserted elastic in the neckline to make this dress more pre-k friendly for those learning to dress themselves. 

Holly's Spa Head Wrap from t-shirt: I have a store bought poly, silly flowery version but much prefer my t-shirt version because most women's magazine tell you to dry with a tshirt not a towel, I have plenty of tshirts that need to be recycled and I much prefer the look of the tshirt to poly toweling. 

Maternity Tankini: I am planning a non-maternity version for this spring in kelly green with the key-hole back. 

DIY Elastic Hair ties: These this are all over and so easy to make with our fold-over elastic.

Easy-Peasy Layered skirt: take jersey, add elastic and go.  From Ruffles and Stuff

Learn to hand dye your own elastic for a perfect match over at Dana Made It

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