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Gift Ideas: Anthro Inspired Corset Belt.

October 30, 2013


Everyone is looking for great, fab but easy to make girlfriend gifts. I always have a long list of little reasons to send a friend a small something for a thank you, thinking of you or because I spotted some fabric that would be just perfect for "so & so". One such project is my Anthro Inspired Corset Belt that is influenced by the beautiful corset belts at Anthropologie (one of my favorite stores, especially for holiday shopping and hostess gifts). They are heavily beaded this season and I have neither the inclination nor the time to commit to serious bead work though I love the look. Instead I choose to recreate the style with with fabric that looks beaded (Michael Miller Beadwork). In the spirit of Anthropologie I added a contrasting fabric in a bold print as an accent band (La Plaza Beaded Stripe) . If you lay the two fabrics next to each other you would probably never think to use them but they really work once all sewn up. I also took inspired from the Gathered Clutch Tutorial I used eariler this year because I loved that look. 


To make your own Anthro Inspired Corset Belt you will need:

1 yd Michael Miller Beadwork

1 Yd La Plaza Beaded Stripe

1 yd 3'' wide elastic

1 yd lightweight interfacing

anthro belt1.jpg

Start by measuring your waist where the belt will sit then dividing that number in half and adding 2'' (ex: waist is 30'', 30/2=15, 15+2=17), we'll call this number "A". This is the finished length of the fabric portion of the belt. Cut 1 piece from Michael Miller Beadwork that is the length of A by 4'' wide. Cut 1 piece from Michael Miller Beadwork that is twice A by 4'' wide. Baste 2 lines of stitches down the center of the longer piece and pull the bobbin thread to gather to the length of the shorted piece. Press gathers in place. 

Cut 1 piece of interfacing to A long by 4'' wide. Fuse it onto the wrong side of the gathered Beadwork fabric. Set aside. 

Cut 1 piece from La Plaza Beaded Stripe that is A long by 3" wide. Tri-fold and press this piece; it will be the center band. Pin band onto center of the gathered piece and top stitch in place down both long edges. 

With right sides facing, sew both beadwork pieces together using a 1/2'' seam down both long edges. Turn right sides out and press. Tuck in the shorted ends and press. 

anthro assembly.jpg

Cut 1 piece of elastic to A- 4'' long (ex. A=17, 17-4= 13). Stick one end of the elastic in one open end of the beadwork piece, about 1/2''. Pin in place. Repeat for the other end. Top stitch both ends. Congrats! You are done. Wear your belt with your favorite outfits; it looks best cinching billowy shirts and dresses or over fitted shift dresses. Since it is elastic you don't need exact waist measurements. If you know the approx. size of your friend then you can create a lovely Anthro Inspired Corset belt for her in one afternoon. Have fun! 


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