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Elastic Waist Bands

October 18, 2013

Today I wanted to make a few pair of pants to show several great ways to add in your elastic waistbands until I googled it myself and saw how many well done, great tutorials were already out there. It occured to me to feature a collection of my favorite tutorials for different applications and share the sunshine with those of you who have created some outstanding tutorials. 

Leisel from Oliver + S (it's no secret that this is my favorite pattern maker) has a wonderful tutorial on how to prevent your elastic waistbands from twisting (to say I hate this is an understatement) and save you precious before school, work and relaxing minutes that would have been spent cursing and manipulating stubborn elastic. Liesl's finished product looks sharp and does its job well as would be expected. 

The Fehr Trader has a great serger tutorial that I almost flip head over heels for when I first saw it. It has really helped me create a fast and professional finish on most of my elastic waist garments. It is very durable for kids and frequent worn items. She includes some great tips for prevent gapsiois and for completeing this with a regular sewing machine as well. 

Fresh Picked has a tutorial for adding an elastic waist skirt without a casing using a wider elastic that is a bit different than the rest. She provides a nice even gather that means a nice finished skirt. There's no need to worry that you are stretching the elastic enough. You can make a skirt in about 30 min. 

Finally, the Mother Huddle shows us how to make a knit elastic waistband. She mentions that this method though similar to a gathered waist band is smoother and softer for little tummies. I say it is also great for maternity wear and for yoga/relaxing momma pants too. She uses a lot of repurposed knits to make this tutorial which is really great and you can practice on old tshirts instead of new fabric. 

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