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A Kid Costume for Warmer Climates

October 23, 2013


We live in Georgia, where for the past 2 years it has been warm on All Hallow's Eve so the thought of seeing my 4 yr old sweating through another trick or treat session was unbearable. She does it good naturedly since she loves her costume but I knew I could find a great alternative. For the past year she has become obsessed with dinosaurs, that combined with the fact that she still wears her purple lion costume around (in the summer, all day long) I turned to the same costume pattern to make this years costume: Kwik Sew 3099. My daughter requested that the costume look as much like the pattern picture as possible and I agreed. I decided on French Terry for my fleece alternative since it is a bit thicker than regular jersey but much lighter and more breathable than fleece. It has a similar stretch to fleece. I knew for some parts I would have to beef it up a bit but with the color choices offered in our Organic French Terry I was already decided. 


The Dino version of this pattern went together much faster than anticipated since there was only one piece to the hood, no chest piece, no paws (Ugh, they were tricky) and no fringy tail. The only bits that gave me pause were the spikes. I dithered over interfacing them to see how well they stood up but in the end decided against it because I was convinced that with some washing the french terry would thicken and stand. I did stuff the tail and that was also a bit of work since the opening that is sewn to the body is so big that I ended up sewing it up, leaving a 4'' gap for stuffing and then sewing it to the body. I recommend you only lightly stuff, just enough to give the tail some body, shape and presence so it is not just a flag flapping. If you over stuff the tail then it is really hard to attach it to the body. 




For the spike and claws I cut double the pieces and using a small zig zag stitch sewed them together wrong sides facing. Easy, easy, no turning and topstitching. To make the claws even easier I sewed them together, one after the other so they were almost chained together like a serger. This made laying them out to sew to the mittens really nice. 



My daughter is over the moon with her costume and so am I. No more restricting her costume wearing to cooler night time hours. With this delicious cotton terry dino costume she can wear it all day with only minimal sweating. But I can add layers underneath should it be colder this year. The costume is designed big so there is plenty of room under for long sleeve, sweater or jacket and pants. No self-respecting dinosaur would wear her jacket on the outside. Dino5

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