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Layered Lace Scarves

September 22, 2013


Accessories are often the difference between a ho-hum ensemble and a memorable outfit, and scarves are a great way to add a little zip to your wardrobe and play with fabrics. We're kicking off a series of scarf projects today, beginning with some ultra-girlie layered pieces made with lace and nylon chiffon tricot

These scarves take a little less than a yard of each fabric, and there's no pattern needed -- but a dinner plate will serve as a cutting guide.

This scarf gets its drape from pieces cut on the curve. So to start, use your dinner plate to cut fabric circles. I used a rotary cutter, but you could also trace the plate with a water-soluble fabric pen and then cut with your normal shears. 


Fold your cut circle into quarters, and cut out the interior point. I didn't measure mine at all -- I just dropped down about 1.5 inches from the point and cut a curve.



Once the point is cut out, cut open your circle along one fold. For a scarf about 1 yard long, you'll need 12 circles like this in lace, and another 12 out of your nylon chiffon.


Next, you'll sew your pieces together along the interior curved edge. I started by layering a lace circle over a chiffon circle and joining them; as I reached the end of a piece, I just overlapped the next piece and kept stitching. 


I made four lengths of lace and chiffon pieces; each section is three pieces long. If you prefer to stitch more layers together at a time, you can, but I find the chiffon wants to sneak up under my presser foot and can get stitched into the seam when it shouldn't, so working with just two layers at a time worked best for me. If your fabrics don't match up at the end, don't sweat it -- they can just be trimmed to an even length when you're done.

Next join all four pieces together along one seam -- you'll have fewer pieces if you stitched more than two fabric layers together at a time. Then, run a zig-zag along the seam and clip any excess seam allowance, or serge the egde.


To hide the seam, fold open the layers so you have a layer of lace and chiffon on either side of the seam allowance. Press gently, then stitch so that your opened up layers cover your seam allowance. 


Once your stitching is done, give your scarf a fluff and it's all done!

You can wear it as-is or style it with a sparkly pin or other brooch. 



I also made a darker version using black nylon chiffon and gray lace, and played with it by styling it like a lace collar, tucked into a vest. 



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