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Costume-o-rama: DragonCon 2013

September 3, 2013

Now that it's September, we are officially into Halloween and costuming obsession time as far as I'm concerned. And part of that transition from summer into fall prep for me is DragonCon. If you don't know what DragonCon is, it's a massive (and always growing) pop culture convention that takes over downtown Atlanta each Labor Day weekend. There are SO MANY COSTUMES at DragonCon. And many of them are really lovely. I always leave the show with loads of inspiration, so I wanted to share a taste of some the finery I spotted on fans this year.

One thing you always see a LOT of: corsets! I really liked the way this costumer used trim and color blocking on her corset, and offset the brown with a brighter color. 


Fans of "Dune" will recognize this Bene Gesserit costume. The baldcap application was perfection.


I couldn't help but notice that royalty was super popular this year. This one is from the anime "Trinity Blood." 


I really, really love the film "Wreck-it Ralph," so I was super excited to see Turbo circulating in the crowd. Turbotastic!


Look! It's Winnie, Mary and Sarah from "Hocus Pocus"! These three were beyond adorable.


This guy made an amazing replica of astronaut Jim Lovell's NASA space suit. Absolutely beautiful, and clearly a labor of love. He won an award for Best Historical Recreation in the Masquerade Costume Contest.


I love the theming on this lovely trio. That parasol is darling. 


This costumer started with a white dress she found at a thrift shop and ran it through a dye bath to create a quick princess ensemble.


As I mentioned earlier, a LOT of fabulous royalty was roaming the hotels. 


Most creative Queen of Hearts design EVER! The entire outfit is made of playing cards.


These ladies were my favorite of the weekend -- lovely dandelions. I first saw them in the parade and was so charmed! Simply adorable, and really well executed.


This is just a tiny sampling, a mere smidgen of what one sees during a convention like DragonCon. While the show is huge and can be overwhelming at times (foot traffic on Saturday could make even the most zen con-goer exasperated), there is really something for everyone. I hope you find all this creativity as inspiring as I do. I know I came home on the last day exhausted, but eager to jump into a project!

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