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Bobbin Storage and Recycling: Together at Last!

September 15, 2013

It's one of the dirty secrets of my sewing room ... that which can only be called "the bobbin situation." Because it's beyond a mess. It's way past disorganization. It's just a train wreck jumble of intertwined and tangled thread resulting from just tossing bobbins into a drawer when I make a color change. I'm not proud. I AM, however, on a little bit of an organizational kick, so it seemed that the time had finally come to tame the bobbin beast.

I started with an inexpensive blank box I had on hand from a craft store. I removed the clasp and hinges before starting. Then I spray painted the outside of the box. 

1-bobbin-box.jpgThe recycling part of this project comes next. If you, like me, have some soda bottle caps on hand, now is their time to shine! I lined them up sloppily in the bottom of my box to see how many I could fit into the project -- 16!

2-bobbin-box.jpgI was finding it hard to align the caps in the box, so I decided to cut a base to affix them to first. My base is just a piece of craft foam (again, recycled -- it was just stashed in a cabinet). I drew lines so I could mark the center, then I started gluing down the caps with E6000. Because foam can warp during drying, I recommend gluing down a few caps at a time and placing a book on top. Check after just a few minutes to make sure the caps haven't shifted around, then replace the book and leave it until the glue is dry. Then work your way through all the caps the same way.


Once all my caps were glued securely to the base, I glued the base into the box, once again using E6000. As before, I put some weight on top to prevent warping of the foam. 

4-bobbin-box.jpgAfter the cap assembly was all glued in, I painted the interior of the box. I used a spray paint designed to adhere to plastic so my paint won't flake off onto my thread. Then I reattached all my hardware. The caps do a great job of keeping the bobbins in place -- the threading in the caps helps keep the thread from flying away, but it's still easy to pop the bobbins out.

5-bobbin-box.jpgOf course, there's also the fun of decorating the outside of the box! I kept this one simple; I just spray painted a decorative wood piece silver and glued it into place. But you could also do a collage finish with Mod Podge or add buttons or other trim. You could make one as a gift for a stitching pal customized to match their sewing room or use a scrap of their favorite fabric to finish it. The important thing is: The bobbins situation is contained!


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