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Reusable Sandwich Sack

August 14, 2013


(Updated with snack sizes) I try to be as eco-friendly as I can be and that means I really strive to use less plastic. I grew up with those tri-fold, very thin sandwich baggies for my daily peanut butter and jelly and they are very nostalgic for me. I found myself picking up a box a few weeks ago at my local grocery store just because: I was getting ready for school, that's what I grew up with and it's just a little bit of plastic right. Well, I'll save the lecture but the gist is I took a second look and realized that each box was alot of plastic and I doubted it would be recycled by my 4 yr old. I decided right there that I would find a more practical, washable, cute reusable bag that would last the year and would check that eco-friendly box. 



The design is so simple that you will easily be able to whip up a dozen or more for your family from just 1 yd of PUL fabric. I designed this bag to fit the extra large, healthy loaves that I tend to gravitate towards (you know whole, 12 grain kinds) so the bag is a generous 7''x 6'' with a flip top. I embroidered a hand drawn slice of bread on my linen exterior but you could opt for prints. Try using a different print for each kid or choosing special colors. You can easily scale down the bags for snack sizes (7''x4'') or increase it for larger sub sandwiches or hoagies. 


To make your own you will need (to make at least 6 or more):

1 yd PUL fabric

1 yd exterior fabric(cotton prints or linen)

Cut 1 each from exterior and PUL 7" wide by 16" long for snadwich size or 7'' by 12'' for snack size. 

baggie collage.jpg

Embroider your exterior or add any decoration (the front is 2" down from the top and 7" long for sandwich or 2'' down and 4'' long for snack size). Next, with wrongsides together serge the 2 short ends of your bag (with regular machine use a straight stitch 1/4'' seam) then with the lining face up, fold down the top 2" and finger press the fold. Fold up the bottom to meet the fold at the top, finger press the fold (if you need to hold the folds in place use a document clip) and serge or stitch the sides. Flip right side out and you are done. SO easy!! Don't you just want to keep making more. I thought of making some about 20" square and filling them with homemade scones for stocking stuffers, hostess gifts or just because. You can also use them as gift wrap or as wet bags. I love PUL!


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