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Mod Podge Project: Flooring

August 2, 2013


We are back to the doll house my dad made for my girls, you've seen it here back when I wall papered the walls with scrap book paper (but you could totally use fabric). Well, if you remember I was still undecided on the floor coverings and can you blame me? According to the HGTV marathons that has been going on in my house since my second baby was born my previous rugs were way too small and limiting. We are all allowed to be fools sometimes so I vowed to clean up my act and recut my rugs to do my designer mentors proud and add a little sparkle while I'm at it. Let's face it since completing my Nursery Dresser with the Mod Podge Sparkle I have thought of little else. And, seriously, is there anything more perfect for a doll house floor than sparkle sealer, even if said doll house sees far more dinosaur inhabitants than humanoid. I have it on good authority that Dinos like sparkles too. Don't worry if you have boys, this project can easily be adapted for plastic castles, cardboard forts and  tree houses)

To get started you will need some scrap book paper or fabric (for fabric prep instructions please read this post), a jar of Mod Podge Sparkle and a foam brush. This is a good project to get your little ones (3 and up) involved because the Mod Podge dries clear and it's just a doll house. 

floor collage.jpg

To determine the size of my rugs I obsconded with books and papers of various sizes to use as pattern pieces. I just kept swaping them out until they were the right size. According to my design sources, an area rug should be 12-18'' in from each wall so for a doll house I kind-of eyeballed a scaled down approximation of 1-1.5''. I then used those pattern pieces to trace and cut the rugs from the wrong side of my paper. Make sure you label your rugs after you cut them out. Then apply a generous layer of Mod Podge to the floor and center your rug and press. Then apply another generous layer of Modge Podge over top of your rug. If you are using paper it may ripple and warp a little but it will dry smooth. Apply one more layer if you suspect it will be under heavy use or if you need a touch more sparkle. 


Get creative with your rugs, cut bits from other patterns and add stripes, border, polka dots or emblems. Make rugs for your doll house exactly how you would use them in your house: Make a runner for the stairs, a mat in front of the door and one in front of the fireplace. Make sure you carefully coordinate with your wall paper- you wouldn't want the other dolls to talk. 


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