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Knit Linen Stitch

August 9, 2013



If you are in need of a more structured look for your knitted garments this coming season have I got the stitch for you. If you thought knitwear could not be structured or have the body needed for blazers, boxy jackets or chanel-esque coats than you have been knitting the wrong swatches. The linen stitch is a dense stitch that will bring lots of body and structure to your knit designs. It is not a difficult stitch to work but it is much more time intensive than a stockinette or a lace. The time it took me to knit my last swatch, swirl eyelet, was half the amount of time I used to work the linen swatch but I created a swatch half the size. 

linen collage.JPGIMG_4751.JPG

You can see by the above picture the difference in the drape of the 2 swatches (though for a better picture I am using the Summer Lace swatch instead of eyelet swirl). The lace drapes like you would expect from a knit but the linen stitch drapes similarly to a medium weight or bottom weight woven. It is still soft though even more so after I steam blocked it. You can really feel it relaxing when you steam block it with an iron. This stitch is just the ticket for the coming seasons boxy, structured jackets.IMG_4750.JPG

Here's the back. Reminds me of seed stitch

Worked over even stitches and all slipped stitches are slipped purlwise

R1: k1, *move yarn to front and sl1, move yarn to back and k1; repeat from * to end

R2: p1, * move yarn to back and sl1, move yarn to front and p1: repeat from * to end

If you are not willing to put in as much time as a whole garment of linen stitch would take then I recommend applying it to the plackets, collars or hems of a jacket or sweater. This will give weight and body to parts of the garment that often distort or hang poorly. 

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