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Ikea Hack- Poang (kid version)

August 21, 2013


I jumped on the Ikea Hack train and, of course, went for a kid project, the child sized poang chair. You could do this same tutorial on an original poang to get a similar look but you will need to adjust your yardage. To recreate mine you will need 1 yd each two Premier Prints (I used JoJo Slub in navy and grey). 


All seam allowances 1/2'' unless otherwise noted. 

First, remove your cushion and measure the chair. Mine measured at 34.5'' from tip top to bottom. I added an inch for seam allowance and then dissassembled. I removed the velcro from the bottom and the floppy head pillow. Then, I laid the cushion down on my fabric and traced the top and bottom, not the sides (see picture below). Then I marked where the back and bottom pockets hit, added 2'' for a double folded hem and cut one each from my fabric. You can use the pockets to create your main pieces by tracing the pockets and drawing two straight lines up the side connecting the 2 pieces, approx 35.5'' long. This will create the same rounded corners. Cut two main pieces. Sew velcro onto bottom pocket piece. Place the main pieces right sides together with the pockets sandwiched in between making sure that they both face the same way. sew around the main pieces, leaving a turning gap at the bottom. Turn rightside out and stuff with original cushion. Topstitch gap closed with a 1/4'' seam. Place new cushion on your chair. 



To make pillow, cut two pieces 17'' by 9''. Cut two strap 9'' by 3''. Fold straps in half rightsides together and sew along one short end and one long side. Turn and repeat with second strap. Place straps approx 3-4'' from top center of one pillow piece and pin in place. Place the two pillow pieces rightsides together and stitch, leaving a turning gap on one side. Sew 1'' gussets on all corners and trim. Turn rightside out and fill with 1'' wide foam cut 15'' by 7''. Slip stitch closed. Place pillow on chair and use your snap awl to puncture a hole through each strap and the back pocket to place snap. I used Babyville snaps


You are done. Enjoy your new sophisticated but fun new kid chair. It's perfect for movie nights, playrooms or reading nooks. No more Dora or character chairs that are hard to work into your decor but its still bright and charming enough to win the heart of your little one. 



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