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Square Top with Eyelet details

July 17, 2013


Square tops are very popular lately and just looking at them on a hanger makes one wonder "why?" but once you slip into on you change your opinion quick. They fit like a dream and are easily reconfigured to suit you. You can cut any neckline to compliment your figure or add special details to augment your wardrobe. While these tops are called square tops they are really rectangles, usually a smidge longer than they are wide. A square top is so easy to make and will set off a great pair of shorts, rolled up skinny jeans or a pencil skirt. 

I used Cotton and Curls' Square Top tutorial that I found on Pinterest. The diagrams are very helpful but there aren't really any measurements to go by. Not even a "here's the size I made for me just so you can have a good idea". So as I explain my special eyelet details I will also fill you in on the size I made for me. 



First, I used a lovely black chambray for my top. It is so dreamy. Next, I wanted to add some Alix Ivory eyelet to the back as a panel but then I decided that I'm too big a fan of bras to feel okay showing my un-mentionables (what if it's laundry day!) so I decided on a nice stripe over the chambray. To add the eyelet stripes, I first cut along the small eyelets on the edge which gives the stripes the zig zag look. By cutting along the small eyelets I take advantage of the satin stitching around each eye and it prevents fraying. The front stripe is 2 motifs wide and the back is 3 motifs wide. Then I stitched it very close to the edge on the front and back center. I folded under the extra on the bottom and top stitched it in place. The neckline is covered with bias trim-more on that below. 

neckline collage.jpg

My square top is made of two pieces 23'' wide by 27'' long. I wear between a size Medium-Large top and I wanted this top to be a little roomy since I am still nursing my little one. I ended up just using a 1/2'' seam on the sides unlike Cotton and Curls recommend 1'' or so. The bottom hem is the selvedge of the fabric because I loved the white wisps and thought it made a nice finish. The front neck I cut a 7'' wide by 7'' deep curved neck on the front and a 7'' wide by 1'' deep curve on the back using my french curve. You can use a plate or copy another neckline from your wardrobe. The bias trim for the neck is cut 4'' wide and stitched on with a 1/2'' seam then folded over and top stitched in place. It creates a nice wide neck edge that really highlights the modern shape of the top. I folded under the sleeves 1/2'' and stitched in place. 


I am loving this top as it looks great with jeans, shorts, under a blazer and with a scarf. Plus, I can work it into my fall wardobe since it is not overly summery. Try your hand at a square top and don't forget the eyelet!

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