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Knitting Summer Lace

July 12, 2013


I don't really have trouble knitting during the summer. This is due in large part because I long to knit, I need it and I find great joy in it. Plus I ususally knit in cotton and linen (that helps alot) though I can't go without some wool for long. I also opt for lace knitting patterns which are light, airy and challenging (takes the thought away from the heat) while in the fall/winter I prefer denser purl/knit combos or fair isle which can easily be knit whilst sipping hot cocoa and watching movies. I want to show you one of my favrotie summer lace patterns, Triple Chevron, that can easily be incorporated into a shawl, of course, but also added into the yoke of a lightweight sweater (to make it a bit sexy and more approriate for summer) or a short poncho for cool evenings or strolls on the beach (it gets mighty breezy out there). Just take a look at this swatch and you know you want to pick up those needles and grab a skein of Mercerized Cotton (I love the subtle sheen) or some Pima Cotton (Dreamy!). Both are light and with a smooth texture that allows for great stitch definition so this italian lace can be the star. 


Worked over stitches in multiples of 12 plus 5. I cast on 29 sts for two repeats

R1 and every odd row: purl

R2: k2, *k1, yo, ssk, k7, k2tog, yo; repeat from * to end, k3

R4: k2, *k2, yo, ssk, k5, k2tog, yo, k1; repeat from * to end, k3

R6: k2, *k1, (yo, ssk) 2 times, k3, (k2tog, yo) 2 times; repeat from * to end, k3

R8: k2, *k2, (yo, ssk) 2 times, k1, (k2tog, yo) 2 times, k1; repeat from * to end, k3

R10: k2, *k1, (yo, ssk) 2 times, yo, sl2 knitwise-k1-p2sso, yo, (k2tog, yo) 2 times; repeat from * to end, k3

R12: Repeat R8

R14: k2, *k3, yo, ssk, yo, sl2 knitwise-k1-p2sso, yo, k2tog, yo, k2; repeat from * to end, k3

R16: k2, *k4, yo, ssk, k1, k2tog, yo, k3; repeat from * to end, k3

R18: k2, *k5, yo, sl2 knitwise-k1-p2sso, yo, k4;  repeat from * to end, k3


Here's the back- just as attractive as the front.

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