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HotPatterns Free Download: Summer Safari Fold-up Beach Bag/Mat/Towel

July 15, 2013

5-HP-summer-safari.jpg 4-HP-summer-safari.jpg

Is there anything truer to my heart than projects that do double duty? Oh, how the new Hot Patterns Summer Safari Fold-up Beach Bag/Mat/Towel free download addresses this love! It's a tote; it's a beach/pool mat; it's the perfect summer accessory you didn't know you needed. Seriously, you'll want one now.

Both folded into its totable state and spread out flat, this thing is huge! There is plenty of room to sprawl out -- room for two if you're into cuddling.

That size means you might want to be a little extra patient during the cutting and stitching -- wrangling large items can be a bear -- but it's so worth it. It's more than 4 feet wide and almost 6 feet long, which means no more having to carefully situate yourself so your arms and legs don't drift off your mat!

See? Plenty of space for a human, and more than a cat knows what to do with.



Here's how it folds up so you can fasten the Velcro at the sides:

First, the top and bottom flaps fold in.

1-HP-summer-safari.jpg Then the side flaps get tucked into place.

3-HP-summer-safari.jpgFasten the tabs and away you go!

The good news is that the actual stitching for this one is pretty basic. I used a Premier Prints fabric for the exterior, and a purple terry for the interior. Note: This terry is not actually wide enough for this project. But I love the color so much, I decided I would rather go with it and piece it to be the right size than hunt for something else. You can see the horizontal seem about 1/3 of the way down the mat in my photos.

The pockets on the outside of the bag are sizable -- plenty of room for a rolled up magazine or two, plenty of sunblock, your smartphone and a couple of bottles of water. The Velcro closure makes it easy as pie to fold everything up and go.


While this pattern is designed to make a beach tote, you could also make it up using fleece and flannel to make a super-cozy sleepover bag for a child, or use minky for one or both sides to make a travel bag that doubles as a blanket for long flights and drives or cold hotel rooms. You could even use just the body portion of the pattern to make a cool faux-hide floor covering. So it's really a summer (or winter) safari (or ski trip) fold-up beach (or sleepover) bag/mat/towel(/blanket/floor throw).

Get the free download here, and start creating!

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