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Eyelet covered flower pot (Mod Podge!)

July 24, 2013

Mod Podge Eyelet Flower Pot

Who doesn't love Mod Podge. It is so useful for many applications and contributes to the beautification of many a household. Recently I saw these pots on Pinterest but after searching high and low for the tutorial I was unable to find anything more than one person's friendly description of "take a pot and use some Mod Podge and lace- beautiful". So I did and it is. Now that I look back I should have used a white pot for better effect but I also like the white on terra cotta. I'll do this again on some pots for my indoor plants and use white pots from Ikea but for my outdoor pots I'll stick with the terra cotta (I don't remember as well to water my outdoor plants as often as I should).

collage eyelet 500.jpg

You will need some Mod Podge, about 1/2 yard of eyelet (here's my choice), foam brush, wax paper (or freezer paper or press and seal) and a pen. 

To start lay out your wax paper (or any plastic lined paper) and place your eyelet on top. Cover the eyelet with a coat of Mod Podge. This will help prevent fraying and distortion later. Allow to dry completely. 

Next, lay your pot on its side and trace as you roll your pot. Make a mark on the pot so you know where you started. Cut out your shape. 

Cover your pot with Mod Podge and then carefully lay your eyelet over top, overlapping the ends. Add another (or more) coat of Mod Podge Outdoor to seal. I suggest 2-3 if you are really leaving it outside, like in the sun, rain and sleet. 1-2 if it is just going to languish on your porch. Just one if it is an indoor plant. If you find Mod Podge very thick it might help to pour a bit out and then thin it with some water for your first seal coat. This makes it much easier to get out any air bubbles and ensure even coverage. Then full strength for any remaining coats. 


It is fun to fancy up some accessories to accompany your posh new planter, try a saucer (shown) or a big flower box. I love this look so much that I plan on trying it on some of my vases. Might even dye the eyelet to match, hmmm good idea...


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