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Die Cut pages as stencils

July 5, 2013

before-after2.jpgI recently gained a dresser/change table/crib combo from a friend of mine (I am trying to be as green as possible with my babies- cloth diapers, few new purchases, repurposing, etc) that was beautiful and well made. It looked new despite having been through two boys before my new baby. But, it was all black. Not my style but a great blank slate. I don't mind black but only as an accent, not the main color. So I started purusing Pinterest (of course!) and found some amazing laser cut overlays I could use but they were a little too graphic for the overall look I wanted for my little girl so I started looking through Fabric.com for inspiration. I though maybe I could decoupage some fabric on the drawer fronts instead. Then I found the Martha Stewart Die Cut Pages and I decided to use them as stencils and paint my drawers. It turned out even more beautiful than I had hoped. Here's how to make your own. 



Martha Stewart Die Cut Pages

1 bottle of acyrlic paint

1 bottle of Mod Podge Sparkle

Sponge Tamper (or you can cut a regular sponge into a circle and use it to stamp the paint onto the stencil)

foam paint brush  for sealer (do not use on stencil as the brush is not shaped for stamping and the paint will seep under the stencil)

some nail polish remover and 1 sharpie in the same color as your dresser


First thing you want to do is treat each die cut page you will be using with 2 coats of mod podge. This will help the paper hold up to the paint, which can warp it after a few uses without the sealer. Then, it is very imporant to clean your surface (the dresser) with rubbing alcohol and let it dry. 

IMG_4583.JPG2 Coats of Mod Podge Sparkle

Pour a small amount of paint onto a plate and tap your applicator into the paint and then tap some off. You don't want it to drip with paint but you want it to cover the stencil with a thin layer of paint. Then tape the stencil onto your drawers and start stamping the paint onto the stencil covering the whole drawer front. If your drawer is bigger than the stencil, wait until one area dries before stenciling next to it. Stencil the next drawer while you wait. 

dresser collage.jpg

If you mess up or in my case your 4 yr old really wants to touch wet paint you have two options for repair/touch-ups. If it is a small touch-up then use your sharpie marker (or a paint pen if you have that instead). But if your 4 yr old smears your paint all over one drawer front then wait for the paint to dry and then dab some nail polish remover (acetone) onto a paper towel and carefully remove the smeared paint. It comes off like magic. Wait for the surface to dry before you restencil. Once complete, let your paint dry for a full 24 hours before sealing. 

IMG_1695.JPGNeeds a touch-up

Now that your paint is dry you can apply your Mod Podge Sparkle to your drawer fronts (or where ever you applied your stencil). The Mod Podge will harden and create a nice gloss, matte, or sparkle finish that will protect your paint treatment. I applied 2 coats of sparkle and then 2 coats of gloss. I saw after the second coat of sparkle that it was pretty sparkley and I didn't want to go over board and detract from the paint treatment. I just wanted a little glitter when the sun hit. Once that was dry I added my new drawer pulls and DONE!

IMG_2820.JPGIMG_28212.jpgOne coat of sparkle


I am so pleased with the result. It did take many weekends because I could only work when my little wasn't sleeping and my husband or babysitter was available and I was not otherwise occupied. I think had I not been so distracted it may have taken a weekend or two given all the drying time that needs to be factored in. This is a great alternative to plastic stencils and if you find the right paper (the foil paper held up much better than the non-foil) you can make your own in any design with a punch or craft cutter machine. Have fun!


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