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Boo-Boo pack

July 31, 2013

Ahh, the ubiqitious boo-boo bag, pack, bunny, etc is a summer time staple that all parents of small children need in their first aid kit. It is as soothing as a "mommy kiss" while you can be off preping your counter for splinter removal or applying Neosporin to a band-aid. "What is it?" you ask. Well, a boo-boo pack is a decorative washcloth or small rice pack that can be wetted, frozen or heated as needed to apply to boo-boo whether as genuine first aid or just as a placebo. They are very pratical but as all things since Pinterest was invented, they can also be very cute. Here are just a few of my favorite tutorials so you can choose your own to make and apply to your next boo-boo. 

Boo-boo Bunny: These cute washcloth-made bunnies sell for up to $5/each on Etsy or you can make your own with this great tutorial. All you need is a washcloth (or small scrap of terry cloth) and a rubberband. Run this cute bunny under cool water or soak in Hydrogen Peroxide for minor scraps. They also make really great shower gifts. 

Boo-boo pack: This hot/cold pack is perfect for the more advanced, adventeruous kids who need more than a soothing pack. Heat this pack up in the microwave to sooth strained muscles or keep one in the freezer for big bumps. All the info is included in this well written tutorial

Boo Hoo Owl pack: this super cute boo-boo pack is just for the chiller but it is so sweet that it is sure to sooth even the most upset babe. The original is all rice but the Boo Hoo Owl 2.0 is a mix of barley, rice or flaxseed. 

Gorgeous Gathered Sofisticated Boo Boo Bag: I could not find the tutorial for this but it looks the same as this gathered clutch tutorial with an envelope back. Add a few drops of esential oil to the rice inside to help sooth a little one on multiple levels (great for fevered littles who are having trouble getting to sleep- lavendar, or those with a cold place it on their chest with some eucaluptus oil). 

Homeopathic Hot Packs: This last one is great for using up single socks and for really getting into the essential oil biz. This tutorial is so easy and if you use your outgrown baby legs (wee baby leg warmers) then you have something that can sit all cozy around a neck, draped over the injured appendage or laid it across an upset belly. 

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