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Blog of the Month: Young House Love

July 10, 2013

I have found over the years of working on this blog that many things inspire me to get to work sewing and knitting. All of you out there make so many wonderful projects that I want to recreate for myself and it is one reason I love getting up in the morning. I love you all. That being said, never before have I so deserately (I mean desperately) wanted to buy an ugly house and turn it into a treasure. But after reading this month's blog of the month, Young House Love,  I can feel that churning excitement in my belly: I need to buy an ugly house just so I can recreate all the projects found on this blog. 

*Side note- Please Santa if you are reading this, please find me an ugly house to buy, preferably with a front porch, basement and fenced in backyard. You know, for my dogs*

I am so excited to share this blog with you. I found it I'm surprised to admit it, through a magazine. I was sort of shocked that I hadn't discovered it on Pinterest or from  my hours of googling. But there it is. Young House Love has been around for years and I never knew it. Shame spiral over. And apparently they have been in a few magazines. For six years they have been renovating and DIYing on their blog. These projects are amazing, fun and funny. It makes us renters envious but we needn't be so because several of the projects don't involve knocking down walls. Check out the upholstered headboard, articles on furniture painting and creating an art collage. For the homeowners you will love the remodeling posts: replacing a toilet, installing tiles, and fighting hesitation (finally someone wrote a DIY on the real problem remodeling a house). 

I can honestly say that I love this blog. It is akin to a really good novel that I can't put down. I do not want to stop reading it but yet it also inspires me to get out there to do it myself. However, it is really hot out today so I think I will stay in and read another post or two. 

(I love this color!)

All pictures are from Young House Love and borrowed with thanks!

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