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Spring Stripe Style

June 5, 2013

This year I bet you are looking to change up your boring outdoor setting but nothing too crazy, and still a little traditional, classic or maybe modern (if that's your idea of Zen). You may be getting a little bored with all that the big box stores have to offer. Perhaps you just want to make something fun without a huge headache. I think it's time you gave stripes another thought. Stripes do not just go vertical or horizontal. Get a little creative with your stripes and one piece of fabric can give you many variations, brightening up your outdoor area while easily staying in your palette and not spending a ton on many different prints and solids.

A triangle makes a square:

If you cut out a four right triangles exactly the same and stitch them together you create a repeating square that radiates from the center. It is a beautiful effect that is both traditional and classic. It works well with a timeless style that can even be used in transitional and bohemian settings. It is very easy to implement; use thiscalculator to create your triangle template (where a is the length of one side of your finished pillow).

Diagonals make a diamond (or a chevron):

You can use a small square, ¼ the size of your finished pillow (i.e. if your finished pillow is 20" then your template should be 10" square). Angle your square on the diagonal and cut 4 exactly the same. It helps to cut one then use that one to cut the remaining 3. Match the stripes and cut to ensure each is the same. Stitch 2 together to make a pair and either stack them to make a chevron or rotate one 180 degrees to create a diamond.

Modern stripes:

This is by far the easiest but the most fun. To create a mismatched stripe effect cut 2 rectangles (they do not have to be the same) the half length of your finished pillow by the width. Stitch the 2 together, making sure not to match your stripes. Ok, Mine did match but I was experimenting and realized they didn't need to. I ended up flipping one of mine so that they wouldn't match and stitched them together.

Have fun will all the stripe combos you can think off. You only need to invest in one fabric to enjoy a multitude of pillow designs.

Stripe fabric used in this project is Richloom Solarium Outdoor Sheer Voile Union Stripe in Primrose

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