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Oliver + S Bucket Hat for babies

June 21, 2013


It's hot out there; your (and my) baby needs a hat. This much is obvious to every mother, however finding the perfect hat or one that matchest the utter cutest of your offspring is virtually immpossible. Nothing can match the ultimate picture in your head of summer style for your little baby. Unless of course you make said mind picture. Why not try out the perfect baby hat pattern by Oliver + S. First published in the book "Little Things to Sew" it is now available as a free pattern download in all kids sizes. 

I recommend this pattern as it is very good looking, well constructed and a great kids hat. However, if you have an older infant (6 mo +) then you are going to need something to secure this hat to your child's head. You know that older babies are not going to tolerate a hat willingly so you must use preventative measures. A chin strap is great but ruins the reversible nature of this hat. That is, unless you create a way to make the chin strap reversible. I did and you are going to love it. Download your pattern now and let's get started. You can find slightly altered assembly instructions here to eliminate hand sewing. I used these to help create the strap holes. 




First make 2 straps, approx 10" long and 1/2" wide finished. Cut two 11" strips 2" wide and fold in half lengthwise and press. Unfold and fold raw edges to the center crease and press. Fold strap again lengthwise, folding raw edges to the side and press a final time. Topstitch in place. Double fold one end 1/2" and stitch in place. Cut two 1" pieces of 1/2" velcro and sttich one piece to the end of one finshed strap. Leave the second for later.

When it came time to sew the top of the hat to the brim, I started 1/2'' from the side seams and stitch around to the opposite seam, stopping and backstitching 1/2'' from the seam. The I started again another 1/2" from the seam and stitched around to the opposite seam, stopping and backstitch 1/2" before the seam. Repeat for lining. This leaves a 1" gap on both pieces of the hat which will line up when you assemble the hat as instructed by A Little Gray. 

Before you finish assmebly on the lining side of the hat, pin each strap to a hole created above, pinning the strap to the brim and topstitching around the hold to secure strap in place making sure not to sew the hole closed. repeat for remaining strap. The topstitch around hole on the exterior side for durability and for a finished look. Finish hat assembly. 

Once complete you can flip you hat over and slip the straps through these 2 holes to the side you need. Slip the hat on your baby and mark the placement of the remaining velcro piece. Stitch in place. 


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