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Outdoor Pouf (Inspired by Threshold)

June 14, 2013

Outdoor Pouf Ottoman, Premier Prints Ikat Fabric Outdoor Pouf Ottoman, Premier Prints Ikat Fabric

The new Threshold line by Target has captivated me. Granted it is not a hard task because I am already drinking the proverbial Target Kool-Aid but the outdoor line has me giddy. Give me a nice pouf over a couch for movie-watching any day but put that pouf outside on a patio next to the grill with a margarita in my hand and I'm done for. I would have been at the store the next day purchasing one had it not been for the color selections. I enjoy bright vibrate colors outside but the red ikat and greenish stripes were not doing it for me. I decided to make my own and change it up a little with some indoor fabric treated with some tent spray I found at another big box store (it starts with a W) that promises UV protection as well as mildew resistance.

To make my knock-off pouf you will need (all seams are ½" unless otherwise noted):

Measure and cut four 21" x 16" rectangles, two 21" squares, and two 4" by 12" rectangles (straps).

Fold the straps in half lengthwise with right sides facing and stitch down the open side. Press the seam open and align it in the center. Turn strap right side out and press again. Press under ½" on each short end. Repeat for second strap. Pin a strap to the right side center of one 21" by 16" panel (you can choose horizontal or vertical) top stitch ¼" from the edge and again ¾" from the edge on each end. Repeat for second strap.

With right sides facing, stitch one strap rectangle to another rectangle without a strap along the 16" side. Pin another strap rectangle to the rectangle without a strap and stitch in place. Pin remaining non-strap rectangle and stitch in place. You will now have a huge, long rectangle made up of alternating strap, non-strap pieces. Pin one 21" square to the top of one of these pieces and continue until the top is completely sewn in place. Repeat for the bottom but leave an 8-10 gap for turning. Turn your pouf right side out and stuff with lots and lots of stuff until firm. Hand stitch the gap closed. Spray the pouf with Silicone Spray.

This makes a huge, comfy pouf perfect for lounging and propping up feet. If you are hesitant to use silicone coated indoor fabric out by the pool then reserve it for a covered deck, breezeway or screened in porch.

Outdoor Pouf Ottoman, Premier Prints Ikat Fabric Outdoor Pouf Ottoman, Premier Prints Ikat Fabric
Outdoor Pouf Ottoman, Premier Prints Ikat Fabric

*I used old t-shirts, blankets, towels and some stuffing. I recommend this for outdoor poufs since cloth stuffing is heavier than poly stuffing and will not get blown around but I also recommend adding interfacing to the back of the panel where your straps will be to prevent tearing due to extra weight. This also saves money and is a great use for old t-shirts. You can also add a zipper and store your off season covers in the pouf or if you cover your shrubs like Martha Stewart then store your burlap sacks in the pouf. The fabric is so thick that any stuffing will be comfy. 

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Here is another suggestion for inexpensive (free) stuffing for a pouf: Plastic grocery bags. I had tons of them that I just kept forgetting to take back to the store for recycling. I had to make a pouf for a class I was teaching and did not want to waste money on stuffing for it. I remembered that my mother-in-law frequently used plastic grocery bags for packing material when she sent me packages and I thought to myself "Why not try those?" It takes a lot of them, don't get me wrong, and they compress A LOT! But... if you are like me, and you have a stash to beat all stashes, by all means, use them to stuff your pouf!

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