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On Trend: Patterned Leggings

June 24, 2013

They've kind of been on the slow burn in fashion for a while now, but in the past several months, patterned leggings have exploded as a trend. Getting the look couldn't be easier -- in an afternoon, you can stitch up several garments to add a little fun and flair to your wardrobe.

Animal Print Activewear Knit
Animal Print Activewear Knit
Stretch Jersey Knit

For my pattern, I used Kwik Sew 3455; it's always my go-to for leggings.This leggings pattern is another good choice. Once you find a pattern that works for you, keep it in your ready rotation, and you're always ready to churn out leggings when you need them or the mood strikes!

For fabrics I chose two animal print swimwear/activewear knits, and one stretch jersey with Lycra. (The leggings made with activewear knit will double as running gear.)

I have seen people wear patterned leggings on their own in lieu of pants, but for me, there's got to be a skirt or long tunic involved. I love that adding a fun legging can take a basic black outfit in a whole new direction and bring a bit of fun. Whether you wear them alone or as a layer under other garments, it's an opportunity to really show your style.

The jersey was a little more challenging to work with than the the swimwear knit. Even with a ballpoint needle, it wanted to argue a little, but we came to an understanding after a thread change. (And they are so comfy and the fabric feels so luxe, it was totally worth the time it took to get everything just right.) I sew with a lot of activewear, and the one thing that I have learned through the years is to test each and every fabric with a scrap or two -- they all have minds of their own!

This summer and fall, I'll be sporting lightweight leggings everywhere. Are you ready to make some fun legwear of your own?

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