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Envelope Clutch

June 28, 2013


Clutchs are loved by women everywhere. It is a great go-to bag. The only downfall is that most are too small. I decided to combine my new obsession with envelope clutches with just the right size (which also happens to fit a small tablet) to make this grab and go bag perfect! The colorful nature of this envelope clutch means it will sync with any dress. It is an easy-breezy date bag or you can use it as your non-kids bag (it can slip in your diaper bag so you can just grab your essentials when you are free from your little ones for the night). This will be your new favorite bag; I can say this with confidence because it is now mine



1/2 yd vinyl

1/2 yd home decor fabric (I used Waverly Panama Wave in Desert Flower)

One 1" piece of velcro 3/4" wide

*Tip: Use office binder clips instead of pins

To get started first you will need to create your pattern. The body of the clutch is 14'' long by 8 1/2'' wide (legal paper if you have it) and you can download the flap pattern here.Tape your flap piece to the body piece for one complete pattern piece.

Cut one from your vinyl and one from your lining. You will also need to cut 1 yd of 2 1/2'' wide bias trim from the lining fabric.

Sew your velcro: Apply one piece of velcro on the lining flap, 1'' from the edge (fold in half to find the width center). Apply the second piece on the body of the vinyl, 5" from the bottom raw edge (fold in half to find the width center). Sew in place. 

To assemble, lay your vinyl right side down and the lining on top right side up, tape or clip in place. Fold up the bottom until it sits where the flap starts (you can use your flap pattern as a guide). Tape or clip in place and sew using 1/4'' seam on both sides. 

Fold under one end of your bias trim and top stitch in place. Apply your bias trim to your clutch starting on the left side on the back. Match up the raw edge of the trim with the raw edge of the clutch and stitch in place using a 1/2" seam. Go up the side, around the flap and down the next side, stopping 5" before the end to trim the bias trim 1/2" longer than the side, fold up the cut end and topstitch it. Continue sewing the bias trim to the clutch. 


Next, fold under the raw edge of the trim as you wrap it to the front of the bag and clip or tape it in place. Top stitch the trim in place. 

This clutch is so easy but so chic. You can whip it out right before a date, girls night or just because you want something new and special. It has so many uses because it is not too big and not too small. I use it for my Kindle Fire, charge cord, stylus and my phone, as well as a diaper clutch when we go somewhere on the nice side, and as a note satchel inside my briefcase. I haven't been on a date since I made it but I am planning on using it as just a clutch for lipstain, small hair brush, gum, keys and phone (plus I could fit more). I love it. The vinyl gives enough structure but it's not stiff so it can also be casual. I love the multicolor of the Waverly fabric. It highlights the vinyl well and can compliment anything in my wardrobe as well as my diaper bag and briefcase (yellow and green respectively). This is my favorite clutch to date! 


P.S. you may notice from some of my pictures that my lining was constructed differently. My original design did not include the bias trim so I tried to assemble the lining differently to accomodate that. I found at the end, it was missing something. Thus I added some trim and it became gorgeous. The method outlined above if much easier than my original design too. Enjoy!

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