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Ruffle Knit Wristlet

May 1, 2013

Ruffle Knit Fabric is a fantastic creation and has lightened the load of ruffle lovers everywhere and even those who just prefer an occasional ruffle. I am an occasional ruffle lover but I think that could be because of the hassle involved in crafting ruffles. Broken threads, injured fingers on the brink of being garroted off and frustration (Oh! The frustration). Poof! It's gone with this wonderful fabric.

I wanted to explore a how ruffle knit fabric could be used in a different way and also in a smaller project. I have seen it in dresses, skirts and oodles of girly clothing. I am a wristlet girl so why not. And, just for kicks, let's turn it 90 degrees and add a bit more swing to the ruffles. Throw on a bow and call it a day.

Tara's Feminine Swing Wristlet


Halfway through I nixed the chevron and opted for some yellow floral


½ yd. ruffle knit fabric

½ yd. polka dot fabric

One 9'' zipper

Remnant of cotton jersey knit (for flat piping)

18''x 2'' long piece of lightweight cotton for bow

Instructions (all seams are ½'' unless otherwise noted):

Cut 2 from ruffle knit and 4 from lining fabric: 8.5''x 5.5'' (just fold a regular piece of paper in half)

Cut 4 from lining: 8.5'' x 4'' (top piece)

Cut 2 from jersey knit: 2''by 9''

Cut 1 from lining 18'' by 4'' for strap

Pin ruffle knit to one same size lining piece with wrong side of ruffle knit facing right side of lining piece (the ruffle is transparent so you will be able to see polka dots through the ruffles) and baste. Repeat for second piece. Folding jersey piping in half and line up raw edge with top edge of ruffle knit and stitch in place. Place one top piece, right sides facing, onto of piped ruffle knit and stitch in place. Press seam towards top piece and top stitch. This completes one main panel. Repeat for second main panel.



For lining: lay one top piece on top of lining piece and stitch in place. Press seam open. This create one complete lining piece. Repeat for second.





Add the bow: Fold your wrist strap in half lengthwise and press. Open it up and fold long edges towards the center and press. Fold lengthwise again tucking the raw edges to the center and press. Topstitch the strap. Pin raw short edges together to determine the preferred length of your strap and mark right where the strap hits your top wrist. This is where you will stitch your bow. Fold and press your bow piece in the same manner as the strap. Trim a length to 6'' and mark the center. Tri fold your piece so both raw ends meet at the center mark and hand stitch in place. Cut another short length to wrap around the center and overlap slightly in the back. Hand stitch this piece in place and then hand stich to your wrist strap.

Use these instructions for completing your wristlet 


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