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Product of the Month: e6000

May 22, 2013

Crafter's everywhere love their epoxy and no epoxy is better, more universal than e6000. It is the work horse of the craft world. I have used mine to fix shoes, repair jewelry, affix candlesticks to create works of art and bring countless toys back from the dead. When I am not feeling the sewing love and just don't have the time to knit and want to make something, well, pretty for me, I always grab the e6000. It can do anything that you need and it is the one glue I have found that dependably glues felt to felt.

Here are some amazing DIY I have found that highlight e6000. Grab a tube and make your favorite:

Here is a chart that lays out which fabrics e6000 works well on and not so well.

I go through a tube at least every 6 months because it gets put to good use on (and well-intending if not so successful) craft projects. I hope that you gain as much enjoyment as I do every time I pull out my e6000. I feel like I am taking a really good short cut.

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