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Perfect Bags for Traveling Light - Made With Free Patterns

May 28, 2013

In my last post, I shared the mix'n'match travel wardrobe I put together using only free pattern downloads from HotPatterns. But what good is a travel wardrobe if you don't have a stylish way to cart it around and organize it?

Once again, I turned to our free downloads!

The organizational element was easy -- I knew the Diva Licious cosmetic bags and Bijou Babu jewelry roll had me covered. I've made the cosmetic bags many times before, but never the jewelry roll, and now I'm kicking myself for waiting so long! It's perfect for carting around my rings and things!

A larger bag to put everything in was going to require a little more creativity. I remembered from Shannon's review of the Life's A Beach tote that the bag was bigger than she anticipated, which got me to thinking about how I might alter it to include a zipper closure and turn it into a modern twist on the duffel.

In the end, I couldn't decide between two possible solutions, so I did what I always do in such situations -- I made them both!

For my first version, I used a zebra print from Premiere Prints, and combined it with a pink corduroy I had in the stash. For this version, I simply added a zipper to the top, folding out the side panels of the bag so the top closure formed one long continuous line. I added little fabric tabs out of the corduroy to each end of my zipper, and then just stitched it into the already-finished bag.



For my second version, I used another Premiere Prints fabric -- this time, a damask print, and used purple twill for the lining. This alteration was a little more involved -- I put together a zippered panel to square out the top of the bag, which gave me a little more usable space than the other variation, but also took more time.



Both bags easily fit my travel wardrobe and accessory bags, as well as a spare pair of shoes and other travel essentials.

In the end, I don't have a favorite -- I'll have to alternate between the two for fab getaways!

Here's a snap from my last adventure -- wearing my new travel wardrobe, of course!


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