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Organic Chevron Grilling Mitt

May 17, 2013

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It is amazing how just a few different cuts and extra rows of stitching can take such a common object, like an oven mitt, and make it spectacular. I wanted to try making a chevron pieced design for this blog project but I felt daunted by the idea of it. I hate cutting and cutting on an angle- Please! That is just extra work. Instead I cut some straight strips and then cut some more and eventually I created the look I was after.

Make your own Organic Chevron Grilling Mitt. This mitt makes a great father's day present. Here's what you will need to make 2 mitts:

1 yd. of each yellow, cream and gray organic Pure Organic cotton fabric

1 yd. Therma-Flec Batting

Sew4home's Father's Day Oven Mitt Pattern

(All seams are ½" unless otherwise stated)

First off, fold each piece of cotton in half matching the selvedges and then cut 3 strips 3" wide across the length. This leaves you with 9 strips in each color. Cut one more from the cream for the cuff and binding.

Next, pin and stitch strips together in this order: Grey, Yellow, Cream. Continue until all strips are stitched together. Next, fold your newly sewn strips in half lengthwise and then again. Press and open it up and cut along the 3 press lines making 4 rectangles. Stack these rectangles up in this order: right-side up, wrong side up, right side up, wrong side up. Cut from corner to corner along the diagonal.


Now will reassemble the rectangles using the opposite triangles. This will create the chevron design and also only the yellow strips will match up creating an interesting and fun detail. Pin and sew. Press seam open.


Trace the oven mitt pattern and cut out. Pin the extra cream strip to the bottom and stitch in place. Trim to match up edges. Repeat for opposite side of the mitt. Trace the mitt onto the batting and cut it out with scissors. Pin the batting onto the cotton with the tan side facing out. Using stitch in the ditch, sew in between each strip, quilting the chevron pattern in place.


Now is the time to embellish the cream band. Print out your desired design or, like me, just write "hot "onto a sheet of paper. Trim it up and pin it in place. Sew over the design using a small stitch and a contrasting thread. The paper will be perforated and peel right off when you are done.


 Then place right sides together and stitch the 2 sides of the oven mitt together, leaving the bottom open. Clip curves and trim the seam to reduce bulk and turn right sides out. Finish off the mitt with the remaining cream strip as binding. Fold it in half widthwise and press and open it out and fold the outside edges toward center crease and press again. Pin raw edges together on the bottom of the mitt and stitch around the outside. Fold under ends as you come to them. Fold trim over raw edge and topstitch in place. Repeat for second mitt


You are done. You can a) use your new grilling mitt to cook up something tasty for dad or b) gift them to the best dad in the world instead!

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