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Knit Toys for Summer

May 29, 2013


For knitters summertime is tricky. It is hard to give up a beloved hobby but at the same time it is hard to knit in the warm weather, working around all the activities and wool is not ideal for most in the summer (it doesn't "do" water and heat well). Well, I have another summertime dilemma. It seems as though every girl I'm acquainted with is pregnant or has just had a baby. So I need some cool, different presents (everyone gives baby blankets) so I decided to do a mash-up of my 2 difficult situations. The solution: Knitted toys worked in Cotton! If you think about it, it really is genius on many levels.

Level 1: How many people do you know who will be giving the soon-to-be or new mom a really sweet, totally washable knit toy. Answer: no one but you.

Level 2: Cotton is pool friendly so you can be splashed and not worry about it. It is washable. It is also more fun and comfortable to work with in warm weather.

Level 3: These are small (ish- see my giant closet monster for not so small knit toy) that you can toss in your bag and work on at dance, swim, driving to camp, and lakeside.

Level 4: You can work through your stash so when it is time for fall there is plenty of room for all your sweater wool.

Now that we are all agreed let's drool over some cute patterns that will be super cute to gift to baby and big sister/brother too.

Picture from Rosie's Knitting Circle

Picture from Phoeny

Picture by Nancy Anderson

I Heart this knit giraffe because it includes pom-poms (Y'all know I love pom-poms) and it is so sweet looking especially cuddled up next to a wee baby or being pulls behind a toddler sucking on a thumb (or if you have a pre-k kid- being slammed repeatedly on their headboard). I recommend our Lion Brand Cotton Ease.

For any Harry Potter Fans, you must make this Knit Mandrake Plant. It is so realistic and adorable at the same time. Plus there are plenty of flappy, stringy bits for baby to pull and play with, under supervision of course.

No Nursery is complete without a wild animal so I insist on this knit zebra. The stripes are so fun and wonderfully easy and a way to keep you interested.

Finally this textural bear is a free pattern that will be the love of any baby girl or boy. You might want to make 2 so mom can wash one without notice.

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