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Crochet Fringe

May 3, 2013

crochet fringe1
You know I couldn't leave well enough alone. I love the look of the fringe hand towel so much that no matter my love of pom poms (see Old Fashioned Linens for reference) I had to make a fringed hand towel. So sure, I could sew on some our Chainette Fringe onto a linen towel and call it a day but you know that's not how I roll. I had to make my own fringe for my handmade guest towel.

fringe collage.jpg

To make your own fringe hand towel you will need 1 yd. of medium weight linen for 2 towels and a skein of cotton or washable yarn and a crochet hook in a size to fit your yarn (check your ball band for the size) and the same size knitting needle.

crochet fringe2.jpg

Finish your hand towel but either hemming or serging. Measure and mark where you want each fringe; I spaced each fringe about ½'' apart. Using your knitting needle poke a hole at each mark about ¼'' from the edge. Twist it to make a big hole (it will close a little as you work) and then keep poking until you have all your holes. Using your crochet hook, work a row of *single crochets, 2 slip stitch* working each SC in a hole and the slip stitches (SS) in between. Work one slip stitch then turn.

crochet fringe3

* Work one SC in the first space and pull the loop out until it is about 7'' long. I use a 7'' long card in the loop to help me measure. With your hook at the top of the loop, start turning clockwise about 25-30 times. Then fold the twisted loop in half and allow it to untwist. It will twist on itself and create one dangly fringe. If your fringe gets twisted in the wrong spot just gently pull down on the loop to straighten it out. Stick your hook back in the same space and work one SC. Work one SS then repeat from the * to the end of the row. Cut a long tail and weave in your end. It is pretty simple but tedious. Pop in a good movie because you will be there for a while. To work my fringe over 16'' took me about 2 hours for just one end of the towel.


This is a great project to work on a road trip, at the beach or in the carpool lane. It is not big, no need to remember where you are in the pattern and if it gets dirty from being in the bottom of your purse for several week; its washable. The results will be amazing and justified. If you are looking for longer fringe then just keep adding to your original loop remembering that the finished result will be a little less than half (7'' loop is results in a 3'' fringe) and keep twisting until the loop gets tight and snug on you hook then fold in half. 

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