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Blog of the Month: I am Momma Hear Me Roar

May 11, 2013

All Photos from I am Momma Hear Me Roar

I found this month's blog on Pinterest. I enjoy cruising the DIY & Crafts section while putting my littlest babe to sleep. One particular night I came across a pin that promised to fix the waist gap in your jeans without major alterations. I clicked. I discovered Cheri's blog and all the DIY goodness it beheld. "I am Momma Hear Me Roar" is a fantastic blog for mommas and all those people who interact with children on a regular basis. Cheri's tutorials are sewing based but most are recycle/upcycle/reinventions so you can go through that Goodwill pile and maybe pull out those few items you were looking for an excuse to save. She also creates some very cool, very inspiring paint projects like the Paisley Tee for Me and the Cloud Nursery Sign  (My personal fave!)

Cheri's Tutorial page also includes a nice selection of No Sew projects for those days where you really don't wanna as well as boy/girl/momma projects and home d├ęcor/organization ideas. It is a great selection. You can also find her blog schedule which shares what posts she will be featuring and when. Mondays are fun kids' projects that Cheri completes with her 2 boys. Tuesdays are craft days. Wednesdays are "What I Love Wednesdays". These rest you will have to check out for yourselves.

Cheri also has a special navigation tab highlighting some really great charities that you can explore and choose to help as you will. It is great that she chooses to set aside a little blog space to spread the word for these charities.

Lastly, you can find some important FAQ's that have been asked over the years concerning many of her most popular posts. Don't forget to visit this page since you will want to make many projects from "I am Momma Hear Me Roar" and you will find this info pertinent to success.

I hope you enjoy Cheri's gorgeous, amazing and fun blog as much as I do and don't forget to spread the word.


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