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Reusable Paper Towels

April 3, 2013


Green is key this month. Earth day is coming and spring in the air. I want to make my house clean, pretty and environmentally friendly. The well quoted adage is "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" and i is meant to be followed in that order. Which means first order of business is to reduce your usage and #1 on my reduce list are paper towels. I use them all day for dozens of tasks: wiping precious faces, reheating meals, wiping counters, dusting surfaces, and general cleaning. I dislike using them but haven't found a suitable alternative until recently on Pinterest. I found reusable paper towels and nearly smacked my forehead. It was so obvious. I decided to make my own.


I opted for a cheery Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy cotton print on one side and a thick double nap flannel on the other. This flannel would be great for dusting as well as being very absorbent (you can also go with fleece for superior dusting but its less absorbent). These towels are 10'' by 10'' and fit any paper towel holder. I recommend keeping an old paper towel roll to wrap your Reusable Paper Towels around. It just makes it easier to wind, unwind and keep in order. These towels are super easy to make. I do recommend you wash your fabric beforehand in the manor that you will be washing your towels. Choose durable fabric that can withstand all the abuse you are planning. Please choose plastic snaps if you will be using your towels to cover microwaveable dished.


You will need 1 yd of cotton print and 1 yd of flannel for 8 towels. These towels also call for 1 package of snaps (Read my post on snaps here).

1)      Create a 10.5'' by 10.5'' template from paper or cardboard. Cut 8 from both your cotton print and flannel.

2)      With Wrong side facing lay your cotton print on top of your flannel and either serge (cutting 1/4'' off) or zig zag stitch ¼'' from the edge then pink close to your stitching on all 4 sides.

paper towel collage.jpg

3)      Add 3 snaps to each edge of your towels to secure together. Overlap each towel by ¾'' and punch through both towels at once to ensure great placement.

If you do not like the look of pinked edges, I recommend you make your template 11'' by 11'' and then place your pieces right sides together and stitch around all sides, leaving a 3-4'' turning gap. Clip your corners and press your seams open. Turn your towel right side out and press again. Pin your gap closed and topstitch the entire towel. Add your snaps.

Enjoy your Reusable Paper Towels. They are great for washing windows, scrubbing spills, dusting lamps, cleaning kids and even for drying hands and dishes. I love mine and feel that they accomplish much more than the store bought.



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Wow, best idea of the year. Love it.

just made this, such a fun idea, cheers up the old kitchen work surface a treat

made this today, looking forwards to using it!...but it looks so pretty fell reluctant to dirty it up

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