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Product of the month: Clover Mini Iron

April 24, 2013

I often find ironing deflating not because I dislike it (few people find more joy in banishing wrinkles and opening seams like I do) but because my iron is so large and unwieldy. Let's face it when it comes to the working area of most projects using my iron to get the job done is like using an elephant to paint your toes. I would find myself configured into odd yoga stances trying to get a collar just so or to get into this corner...right...here. It was almost like one of those ridiculous "As Seen on TV" commercials where the person is dramatically messing up a simple task in order to demonstrate the need of the product. I said Almost. 

All that being said, the Clover Mini Iron is a real gem. It gets into tight spaces and can slide into tiny corners. It is particularly great when adding bindings on arm holes and necklines. It is also immensely helpful for piecing small or intricate appliqu├ęs. Where a regular iron would cover everything and not allow you to see how it is all coming together the mini iron allows you to see as you work.

Binding on neckline of delicate lace knit sweater. 

I have a short cut I love to use when applying Heat n Bond or iron-on interfacing: I lay my fabric pieces onto the fusible, iron it on and then cut it out. I find when I cut both out and then iron them I don't get a perfect fit. My short cut makes for a messy iron if I forget to use my Fons and Porter Pressing Sheet or I end up messing up a 1'' border of the fusible around my fabric piece. It is a small price to pay but this is all because my iron is so big and sometimes doesn't fit on my fabric pieces. I avoid all the drama with my mini iron. . If the piece is too big I can easily slide the mini iron around the edges, enough to secure the fusible before I cut it out.  And then finish the job with my regular iron.

I have seen others use it for making bias binding, tailor pressing and for scrapbooking. I can't wait to see what other sneaky shortcuts I can find to use mine for. 

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