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Old Fashioned Linens

April 26, 2013

Back in the old days, back in the good ol' days, back in my day, way back when... you get the picture, linens used to be made of, well, linen. Not terry cloth. Weird right. Not really when you think of it. It was highly available, durable, laundered well and absorbent. Lines is valued for its dye-ability and it is colorfast. Everything that you now keep in your linen closet was, once upon a time, made of linen. Sounds dreamy.
Due to a toweling shortage in the Miller household (my 4 yr. old loves to wash her hands) I was forced to explore new ways to use fabrics that I have/love to create towels to stash under my basin. As I was brainstorming (AKA, drinking coffee and staring out the window) I had an epiphany. Bring back linen as linens. But hanging just a simple piece of linen from my towel bar just would not do so I did a little search for linen embellishment inspiration. I hit upon two and combined the linen/pom-pom duo found in the Purl Bee's Long Pom Pom Cowl and the hand towel from the 2013 HGTV Dream Home Master Bathroom. I loved the simple elegance of the rope fringe of the hand towel but I just love pom poms.
I crafted 2 versions using large pom poms and mini pom poms. One I envision in my daughters' bathroom so I used pink and the other will be for my powder room or guest bathroom so I used black because I adore black and the natural linen color. My idea also included making the hand towels larger then what is available in the store because of all the old linens I have seen they are larger than today's hand towels so each towel is approx. 16'' by 56''. Plus, it's great to not have to worry when you throw a party that your towels won't hold up.

To make your own you will need 1 yard of linen (I used medium weight in oatmeal) and 4 yds. of pom pom trim for the pink mini pom towel and 6.5 for the black large pom towel and coordinating thread.
Fold your linen in half matching the selvedges and measure down from the top 18'' and cut. This makes your tow towels.
For the Pink Trim Towel, Press and stitch a ½'' double fold hem around the entire towel. On one end measure up 6'' from the end and mark. Pin a length of pom pom trim along this line and stitch in place using your zipper foot. Add a length of trim along the bottom of the towel on the wrong side. Stitch in place using your zipper foot.
black pom.jpg
Black Trim Towel, Serge around the entire towel (or you can use a double fold hem like above). Pin a length of pom pom trim down each long side and stitch in place using your zipper foot. Repeat for the opposite side and for the wrong side. Each long side of the towel will have 2 lengths of pom pom trim (one side with front and back and the other side with front and back. This will leave both sides pretty. 

Your guest will be amazed and delighted at your clever idea. You can be smug and point out that they are just linens.

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