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Kiddo Apron

April 10, 2013



Believe it or not I drafted this pattern from my daughter's t-shirt and I'm going to tell you how to do it too. All you will need is about 1 yard of main fabric, ½ yd of coordinating fabric and a fitted t-shirt in your child's current (or next year's size).  (These instructions are based on a 4t shirt. All measurements may need to be adjusted for larger or smaller sizes). All seams are ½'' unless otherwise noted.

apron collage.jpg

Lay your t-shirt on top of your paper and trace from the armhole down a few inches and from the top of the arm hole to the neck. You can either free hand the shape of the armhole or you can use pin to punch holes in your paper and then connect the dots. Draw a horizontal line about 1.5'' below the armhole to serve as the waist. Next draw an exaggerated 'U' neckline where the bottom of the 'U' is pretty flat. If you are not comfortable free handing this try using a glass to trace your curves and connect them with straight lines. Measure the bottom of this piece and well call that measurement X.  Cut 2 waist bands the same length as X plus 1'' by 3'' wide from coordinating fabric. Cut from the main fabric one pieces X*2 wide by 14'' long (this is the skirt). Also cut 4 straps 15'' long by 4'' wide from your coordinating fabric.


To modify the top for gathers: Draw 2 vertical lines about 2'' from center and cut. Spread the 2 end pieces apart adding double the amount cut out. Connect the 2 end pieces and cut out your new pattern top apron piece. Cut 2 top apron pieces from your main fabric.

Fold one strap in half lengthwise and stitch down one long side and one short side. Clip corner and turn. Press. Repeat for other 3 straps.


With right sides together, pin 2 apron tops together and stitch together leaving the bottom open. Do not turn. Add a gathering stitch inside the seam allowance along the top and gather back to original measurement. Clip corners and turn right side out and press. Pin bottom raw edge. Add another gathering stitch along the bottom inside the seam allowance. Pin one waist band to the apron top with right sides facing and pin one waist band to the apron top on the other side so you make a sandwich. Stitch in place. Fold waistbands down, press, and pin raw edge.

Add a double fold ½'' hem along both sides and bottom of the skirt. Add a gathering stitch along the top and pull gathers to match width of waist band. Pin in place and stitch.

Fold in raw edges of waist band and insert raw edge of 2 straps. Topstitch in place.

Cut the apron top about 1/5" above the neckline and fold in raw edges. Insert strap, add a small pleat if needed to fit. Topstitch in place.


Congrats you're done your Kiddo Apron now go make some cookies!

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