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Textured Spring Scarves

March 17, 2013

I'm on a crazy accessory kick lately. I want all kinds of options to dress up casual outfits. Recently, I happened to notice a remnant of ruffle knit dangling off the edge of my cutting table, and I was struck by the way it draped. I thought it would make a super fun scarf.

This project is two of my favorite things: ultra easy, and super quick!

To start, I simply cut a length across the width of the fabric, from selvedge edge to selvedge edge. You want to make sure you cut in between ruffles, along one line, and leave yourself as much flat fabric as you can for seam allowance.

I cut my piece about 8 inches wide, but you can cut yours wider or narrower -- it just depends on what you like.

2-ruffle-knit-scarves.jpgI folded it in half to form a long tube and stitched along the length of it, keeping the ruffles free from my seam, and then turned it right side out. Since the open ends are the selvedge edge, I didn't bother to stitch them closed.

3-ruffle-knit-scarves.jpgI made a second one with a zebra print ruffle knit (how could I resist?) and cut it a little wider.

I also wanted to try one with the ruffles running horizontally, instead of along the length of the scarf. For this one, I cut two pieces and joined them in the center so that the ruffles would be hanging in the same direction when I'm wearing the scarf.

5-ruffle-knit-scraves.jpgHere's a closeup of the scarf, so you can see the center seam where the ruffles mirror each other.

This is another one of those projects that I plan to make in batches so I have them at the ready for giftmergencies. I may even give these out as party favors -- they're so fast and easy, I can easily churn out 10 in an afternoon. Instant style!

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