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Ladylike Lace for Spring!

March 4, 2013

I don't know about you, but I am SO READY for a spring wardrobe makeover. It's mostly wishful thinking, hoping that prepping for warmer temps will manifest that weather, but even if I have more winter to look forward to, changing up some of the closet is a nice escape.

I like to stay current with trends, but I don't like to spend a boatload of money to do it. As part of my spring prep, I decided to upgrade some existing pieces with that still-popular and ultra-feminine trend: lace!

I started this project with three basic T-shirts and an assortment of lace trim, and decided to add little inserts to each of the shirts.


For my white shirt, I selected this sweet floral lace trim and decided to add it in at the shoulder seams and hem.

I first cut open my shoulder seam from the hem of the sleeve right up through the neck edge, using the existing shoulder seam as a line guide.

I picked out the extra seam allowance fabric that was left at the shoulder seams to eliminate bulk.

3-lace-inserts.jpgNote: If you get a little overzealous in your seam ripping, you might open up the sleeve seam in the process! No worries -- it's nothing that a quick bit of machine stitching can't fix.


Next, I just overlapped the edge of the lace onto the cut edge of the shirt, and straight-stitched it in place. Since the knit doesn't fray, there's no need to edge finish before this step.

I joined my lace to the other cute edge the same way, and voila -- my shirt is more ladylike!

7-lace-inserts.jpgHere's the little inset along the hem of the shirt:

For my black shirt, I wanted to add a little peek-a-boo length to the sleeves, so I first cut the sleeve hems off.

Then, I used the same stitching technique to reattach the sleeve that I used to join the cut shoulder sections above.

I opted to use this more open lace trim for this one, because it sits in a place where it doesn't have to obscure a bra or camisole strap.

10-lace-inserts.jpgFor my final shirt, I used a much narrower black lace for my trim. I cut out the armsceye seams on the shirt and then rejoined the sleeves to the body of the garment using the lace insert. Because the lace is fairly narrow, the fabric is almost abutted -- I could have just stitched the lace over the existing seam (this lace is also quite dense, so there's not much see-through factor), but I removed the factory stitching to reduce bulk.

I also added an asymmetrical bit of trim on one hip, and a circle of lace at the neckline.


I can't wait to pair my newly made-over shirts with spring and summer skirts! In the meantime, I'll probably layer them with jackets and cords, trousers, or jeans. While I stuck with plain shirts, you can of course use the same approach to customize a beloved TARDIS or Hello Kitty shirt as well. Classy or cute, lace can add the perfect feminine touch to almost any shirt.

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